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Surviving Winter

cm-2Winter weather in the St. Louis area has been like a yo-yo. St. Louis has 4 months of potentially rough weather, (November through February). November, we had a lot of snow. December was mild. January was very cold with an artic vortex visiting us in mid-month. February was more normal winter conditions with some snow mixed in with mild temperatures and mild days. Now that winter is waning, we’re hoping spring is not too far away. It’s been a joy to see the bird feeders busy and I’ve had fun watching my beautiful, red cardinals.

This year I plan to get to know St. Louis better and am planning visits to a number of the city’s major attractions.  I want to return to the iconic St. Louis Arch, the Gateway to the West after a brief visit I had there late last year. The National Park attached to the Arch grounds underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and showcases a magnificent museum which displays the history of St. Louis.

Other attractions on my list to visit are:

1)    The Science Center
2)    Fabulous Fox Theater
3)    St. Louis Symphony @ Powell Hall
4)    Forest Park (which includes the Museum of Art, History Museum and the St. Louis Zoo)

The St. Louis Zoological Park, commonly known at the St. Louis Zoo, located in Forest Park is recognized as a leading zoo in animal management, research, conservation and education. However, the best for me, it’s FREE!!! No admission charge.

MaggieLinda and I so enjoy our granddaughter, Maggie, who is almost 8 months old now. It is great to see the changes in her personality and manner. How she reacts to her toys and my foolishness is so endearing. Linda is such a wonderful grandma and loves to hold Maggie who also loves to be held by her grandma. She makes me smile and brightens my day.

I am truly grateful for your purchasing of my CD’s and triple feature DVD.  The “Store” page will provide you with the selections of CD’s for sale that are in hard copy as well as the ones that are available for download.

At this time, I have no plans on visiting any Highland Games other than the one held in St. Louis in late September.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my VA Volunteer, Jeff Paul.  Jeff’s been with me for three years and is a great asset for helping me with my memoir and performing “honey-do” list work for Linda.  I’ve even gotten him hooked on football/soccer though he gets itchy sometimes, when he’s here, to push me forward with work that I tend to procrastinate on.  Jeff has become a good friend and I look forward to his visits every Tuesday and Thursday.

As always, thank you my dear friends for your continuing support.


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James Jones —

Nice to hear from you again.

Don’t be such a stranger, There are a lot of us out here who miss hearing from you.

More than you know.

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