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August 2011

Update – August 20, 2011

Wednesday, August 24th will be the end of my third week at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia,, one of the country’s finest spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers. I am at the start of a long journey that, hopefully, will result in the recovery of the use of my limbs. Progress will be slow, but I have the patience and the perseverance to fight this journey.

On the Road to Recovery …

Today is exactly one month since Alex had surgery for his accident and he reached BIG milestone today. He was transferred to Shepherd Center, a rehab facility with a special focus on spinal cord injuries, in Atlanta to begin his rehabilitation! This is a world class center with highly trained professionals and we are all very excited about this BIG step forward. His transport, by an air-ambulance, went very smoothly and he & Linda arrived at Shepherd this afternoon.

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