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A Personal Update from Alex

Dear Friends,

Health Update

Here is the latest news concerning myself. However; before bringing you up to date, I would first like to set the record straight as to the circumstances, three years ago, that caused my debilitating injury. I was sitting outside on one of my patio chairs talking to my stepson, John, when I suddenly felt Ill. I asked John to fetch me a glass of water, and during his brief absence, I may have tried to stand up and either my heart stopped or paused which caused me to fall back into my chair, sent the chair toppling over and I hit the ground with such force on my left side that it compressed my fourth and fifth disc and bruised my spinal cord. I was paralyzed instantly. John came to the rescue each time I stopped breathing and, finally after my heart had stopped, he revived me with C.P.R. that he’d learned in high school several years earlier.

Now for the update on my current situation:

At the beginning of September I had successful surgery on my vocal cord. As a standard precaution, they kept me overnight for observation and during that time my nurse gave me my medication crushed up in chocolate pudding even though she had been given explicit instructions from the Surgeon (passed on by Linda) to NOT GIVE ME ANYTHING TO EAT OR DRINK INCLUDING MEDICATION until the swelling went down. This caused me to aspirate and thus began a tragedy of errors for the next several weeks…aspiration pneumonia once, bacterial pneumonia twice, blood clot in my leg, bacterial infection in my trach (yes, I was on a vent with a feeding tube down my nose and UNABLE to talk for a few weeks-imagine that!) My wife, Linda, says that they almost lost me six times. Twice she was asked to contact family because they were not sure that I would make it. With all your prayers I am thankfully home and on the road to recovery. It will be two to three months before I fully recover my energy and strength and will be able to get back to my physical baseline, let alone make further progress.

I am truly humbled by all of your thoughts and prayers and I believe this has helped me to fight for my life.

I would like to recognize a few, special friends who have given me the extra encouragement and inspiration throughout my hospital stay. Thanks to Merv & Pam Forney, Beth Arnold, George Flew, Jil Chambless, Scooter Muse, Alasdair Frazer, Randy Farrar, Mark Salisbury (nephew), Fiona Richards (cousin), Neil Beaton (brother) and his family who packed in an hour and drove down from Toronto at lightning speed after they got the call from Linda that all was not looking good and to the Reverend Millie Slack (who visited me almost every day!) , and most of all, my greatest inspiration, my wife Linda. I cannot believe how strong an advocate she is for me. All of the medical staff was very impressed with her knowledge and questions regarding my health and well-being. Linda is simply amazing!

Now I am at home awaiting the green light from the VA to go there for Rehab for a couple of weeks…

I don’t want to let the year get by without thanking the various Scottish Festivals and the volunteers who manned my sales table.

Finally, I am ever so grateful to those who have donated to my well-being and for those who have purchased my recordings. These funds go towards therapy and care-giving and, as I require 24×7 care, this helps more than you may know.

Good health to you and your loved ones this holiday season!




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Terrill —

You are alwaysn my mind and always in my heart. Be well.

valerie L. M. Norman-Shaul —

Alex you and Linda are in my prayers daily along with the Anglican Order”Daughters of the Holy Cross” which I belong.
The nurse in me says you are a miracle to have survived all these set backs. Continue in good health, that is what I ask the Lord.
Love from your Fresno Scottish/Limey friend.

Kay Ohana —

Alex, I think about you and pray for you constantly. Thank the Lord you have Linda, who is also in my prayers, as I was my mother’s caretaker 24/7 for 2 years. I have your photo with my mother on her 80 birthday in 1996 hanging on my wall. I wish with all my heart I could help more.
Hugs and love from Anne Coker who has passed on, and me, and all your admirers.

Julie Wuest —

About to go to the Scottish Games in Pleasanton, CA and you are such a great Thought, the many times my mom, and I saw you there.
Keep working at getting better and you are in our thoughts! ????????????

Charles Azeltine

Dear Alex,
I just returned from the Scottish Games in Pleasanton, CA. Things have changed so much since the days my father and I used to watch you perform – so much Celtic Rock now!!!
I enjoyed the Browne Sisters, and Ed Miller. I got the chance to speak with Ed, and we talked about you, with fondness.
I went by your booth and talked with the gals there – they were lovely. I bought your Scotland DVD and just finished watching it. What a wealth of Scottish history – 3 hours of it!!! This is better than watching Braveheart – I am going to purchase 10 copies to use as gifts!!!
God Bless you Alex, and your wife Linda – you will forever be in my heart, and in my prayers. I am not ashamed to say I cried watching your DVD tonight. So many wonderful memories of Scottish Games gone by, and of such a wonderful entertainer. Moments in time that I was blessed to have shared with my father, and will cherish forever…

Cindy Ferguson —

Hi Alex, my husband, Randy, and I first heard you many years ago at the Pleasanton games, and absolutely loved you.

We bought your CDs and VHS tape.

We saw you a few times in Old Sacramento, in that downstairs room below a Scottish store. We sought you out at Pleasanton every time we went.

We were deeply heartbroken when we heard about your accident and loss of ability to sing.

Yesterday we were watching a Scottish program, and I began thinking about you. We went online and found your letter. We were sad to read that your voice is still bad.

I’m writing you to let you know we definitely remember you. We love your music and are so grateful to have your CDs and VHS tape. We really admire your positive attitude—it’s really inspiring.

Cindy and Randy

Murdoch Henretty —


For some unknown reason I was thinking about you today I have no idea why I went on line and entered your name; just to find out where you are or where you will be performing this summer.

I am currently in Park City, Utah with Muriel and thought if you are still playing in the Bay Area we would come to your show on our way home to Palm Desert. I recall the last time we met you were playing at the Pleasanton Scottish Games. I recall heckling you from the back hoping you would invite me onto the stage to sing our favorite song; “Rothseyo

Alex as you and I know we go back a long way: first time we met was in the Robert Burns then we played fit as together for the Woodland Choppers. You were a lousy player but you were great fun to be around. I still play a little when no one is around, but could never match your guitar playing and/or singing.

Got to for now if you get this please send me an email . By the way, still have your Dirty Ditties.



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