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Alex Beaton July 15, 1944 to May 27, 2022

It is with heavy heart that I announce the passing of Alex Beaton on May 27th. He died peacefully here at home with his devoted wife, Linda, by his side.

Alex was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland beginning in July of 1944. Alex had a wonderful career in folk music. His professional career started when he was 19 years of age with two school pals. They formed a folk group, “The Cumberland Three” in 1964 and recorded a single “45 RPM” and an LP “Introducing The Cumberland Three”. This was at the end of the folk boom and the rise of pop groups and so, the group disbanded and Alex immigrated to the U.S. in the early summer of 1965. He lived with his sister and brother-in-law in the small town of Ballston Spa, New York. It was there he performed at an upscale restaurant, The Jamaica Inn. He sang weekly on a local television program in Albany and produced a show for Public TV in Schenectady.

In April of 1966 while as a permanent resident he was drafted into the U.S. Army as they were building up military personnel for Vietnam. He then enlisted for a third year where he could choose his military occupation (Personnel). Alex was stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama, and after three months there, he entered a talent competition and was offered a job with the Third Army Soldier Shows in Fort McPherson in Atlanta, Georgia. He was the lead singer of this theatrical show. While there he received orders to a hospital in Germany, but the Director said that he could arrange for Alex to stay with the Soldier Shows.

He decided to transfer to Germany where he could be closer to his family in Scotland. After taking a leave of absence to travel back to Scotland to visit family he reported to Headquarters in Frankfurt. It was there while checking in with Personnel that the Clerk inquired about the Soldier Shows. The Clerk then arranged for Alex to have a Temporary Duty to audition for the Chorus stationed in beautiful Heidelberg. He passed the audition and joined the 7th Army Soldiers Chorus and performed throughout Germany and other European countries. He left the Chorus with six months left on his service commitment. Upon discharge he returned to Atlanta, Georgia and joined Capital Records, but after several months there was given the chance to return to The Jamaica Inn. Because Alex loved entertaining, he left Capital Records and moved back to upstate New York.

He had the bug to travel and see other States, so he eventually moved to Aspen, Colorado and, from there, to Phoenix, Arizona. He sang in a lounge at a well-known restaurant and his popularity caught the attention of the Phoenix Gazette where an article was written about him. From Phoenix he moved to Southern California in the Greater Los Angeles area. While there, he composed songs with his old army buddy and took third place at the International Song Festival in the Country Music category. While appearing at Bob Burns Restaurant in Woodland Hills, California Alex grew the interest of the Scottish Society of Los Angeles and they asked him to perform at their Annual Festival in 1983. He recorded an LP of Scottish Folk Music, “Sings of Scotland Forever” which he sold at the festival and became an instant hit. From there, Alex appeared at other Scottish Festivals (San Francisco, San Diego and Phoenix). From 1983 until he was injured in 2011, Alex regularly performed at various festivals and Highland Games throughout the United States.

Alex pioneered folk music at Scottish Festivals. His popularity grew to the point where he was appearing at all major Festivals around the country; opening the door for other Entertainers to follow. In 1996 Alex also began hosting annual tours to Scotland which were sold out every year.

A month after returning from one of his Scotland tours in 2011, Alex suffered a freak accident at home that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Over the past eleven years, he has suffered multiple bouts of pneumonia and regretfully last year saw his prostate cancer return and spread to his bones. Though he remained COVID free throughout this Pandemic, the toll on his lungs proved too great and eventually they gave out.

Alex loved entertaining live audiences and garnered a large following throughout the country who, even after being out of the public eye for so long, continued to touch base with him. He was so blessed and grateful for the love and support of his loyal fans and friends over the years. This support, along with a great medical staff and the continuous care by his wife and stepson kept him going for far longer than the his doctors expected.

Alex leaves behind his wife (Linda), two daughters (Ali and Catie), a stepson (John), a granddaughter (Maggie), a brother (Neil) and his wife (Anne), three nieces, one nephew, two grandnieces and three grand nephews.

Per his request, he will be cremated and his ashes taken to Scotland. He also requested that there be no funeral or memorial service. He would like you to remember him in your own way and in your own time. Please know that he had a good life; lived it on his own terms and managed to carve out a career for himself doing something he loved.


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Velma Southerland

The world was a sunnier, happier place because Alex was in it. His onstage personna was pure fun. How blessed he was to have Linda. Deepest condolences to all his family and friends. R.I.P.

    Gail Denney —

    Condolences to Alex and Family!
    Alex was a dear family friend and one of the best singers, guitarist.
    RIP Big Pal you brought a lot of happiness and smiles to many.
    I will miss our blethers and exchanges of Glaswegian Banter xoxo.

    Ed Randle —

    Mr. Beaton’s music has an energy and natural wistfulness so indicative of great Celtic music.
    Though he shall be missed his music and its message will endure. Some of us will always enjoy his smooth music and talents.

    Steve Yockey —

    I met Alex, a decade or so ago, at a Highland Games event in Phoenix. I was a vendor, a spoon carver, and I gave him an herbal medicine for his laryngitis. I was happy to help him. He was a great guy. Rest in peace, my friend.

Hazel Whyte —

Sad to hear this.

Susan Wallace —

Alex will be missed, but his music and the memories will last forever. I’m so glad to have all his CD’s and I love 3-tour DVD of Scotland!

Marsha Osborne —

He was such a blessing to my family and I. It was THE highlight of the year to hear him perform at The Scottish Festival. He brought my mom so much peace in his singing. I know he is on that rollin” old river in God’s presence. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.

Maria Kuntz —

This is such sad news. We attended Highland games every year and so
looked forward to hearing Alex. He was a wonderful entertainer. We so enjoyed his many cds and his dvd. He will be sorely missed

Fern Howe Balaun —

My heart is sad, Rest In Peace, my friend! ????????????

Russ Madigan —

I first met Alex when he came to Alaska. It was my birthday and I will always remember him wishing me a happy birthday from the stage. Each of my trips to the Pleasanton Highland Games, I would always go to see him perform, whether at the games or a downtown pub. He would see me in the audience and razz me because I am a Campbell. I would buy him a beer and raise mine in a salute.
I was devastated to hear of his accident and now, to hear of his passing. Now his beautiful voice will forever sing with the angels and echo through the hills and valleys of his beloved Scotland. God speed, my friend.

Irene —

This is sad, but he lived a good life & brought joy to many. I have good memories with my husband seeing him perform at the Scottish Festival in Estes Park. Comfort & Peace to his family.

Mike Tupper —

My condolences to the family. I grew up listening to Alex’s music a lot. I still do! My dad and uncle competed in the highland games (and now me) and knew him, he stayed at our house once a very long time ago for the games in Modesto, CA. Thank you for a lifetime of entertainment, Alex.

Cheryl C Hill —

Oh I loved Alex, my whole family did. He was the highlight of the Delco Scottish games for us. I’m so thankful that I have many of his CDs to listen to and remember him. My condolences to his family at the loss of this wonderful man. Rest in peace, Alex ????????

Cheryl C Hill —

Oh I loved Alex, my whole family did. He was the highlight of the Delco Scottish games for us. I’m so thankful that I have many of his CDs to listen to and remember him. My condolences to his family at the loss of this wonderful man. Rest in peace, Alex

Irene Schofield —

I first met Alex at the Scottish Festival and games held in Arlington, Texas and always looked forward to hearing him sing each year he was here. My prayers and sympathy to Linda and his family. Alex is singing with the angels now.

Andrew Moore —

It is a sad day as we have lost a great in the music world. Alex was an inspiration to many and his songs brought delight to hundred of thousands over the span of his career. He will be truly missed. Heartfelt prayers goes out to Linda and the family.

Leslie Baker —

I first saw Alex at the highland games in Modesto, California. I was bored and looking for something to do one weekend. I saw Alex perform and was immediately hooked. I started going to every games or festival I could drive to: Pleasanton/Santa Rosa was the biggest and best. When I moved to Southern California, I went to the games in Costa Mesa. Eventually I drifted away from the games. But I still had the music because I’d bought all the albums, cassettes (I played Off the Beaton Path so much I wore it out and had to buy another), CDs, and videos. Gifts to family also hooked my Mom and sister on Alex’s wonderful music. Even though he’s physically gone now, he will be with us forever through our memories and his beautiful music. May he rest in peace.

Cynthia Barnes —

Alex was the highlight of the Scottish Games at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Southern California. The Games were fun, the booths were interesting, but it was because of Alex that my husband and I went each year. We have not gone since Alex was no longer performing. He has been greatly missed! We send our deepest sympathies to his wife and family. May the Lord hold you all in His arms and bring comfort to your hearts.

Catie Beaton —

Dad, Ali and I love you so much. You are our hero and we will cherish all of our wonderful memories for the rest of our lives. You are at peace now and you can rest easy knowing you leave behind those who will always honor you. We love you forever, our Scotsman.

Jim —

I first saw Mr. Beaton at the various Highland Games in my area. Our family rediscovered our Scottish roots, and Mr. Beaton’s music was integral to that- frequently heard in our houses. My father also took several of the trips Mr. Beaton organized to Scotland.

Best wishes to his family. Thank you, Mr. Beaton, for all you did.

Grady l overstreet —

Sad to hear, have spent many hours listened to his music. He has been and will be missed at the Highland Games. Great musician. Grady.

Thomas Campbell —

I’m so sorry for your loss, Linda. My late wife Laura and I knew and loved Alex from his times at the Scottish Festival in South Florida. It was the high point of our year to see him there. I can only imagine the celebration taking place in the next world, welcoming a beautiful person from a life well lived.

Coleen Thomason —

So sad to hear of Alex’s passing. Met him in 1998 at the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and enjoyed many games and three Scotland tours. Alex was a light and a force onstage and personally. I still enjoy his music and the good friends I have made who also loved Alex. God keep him and comfort Linda, his family and all who mourn his passing.

Jim Snidow —

Rest in Peace Alex. Thank you for your music and life. My deepest condolences to Linda and family. I got halfway home on cassette many years ago and it quickly became one of my favorite tapes. I took a DNA test recently and found out I had more Irish heritage than I had been told and now I totally understand why Alex’s music felt so comfortable.

Kristin Kirkpatrick Wells (Scales) —

I’m so sad to hear of Alex’s passing. My condolences to his family. Alex and my Dad, Jim Scales, were good friends and wrote songs together. I remember going to the Sawmill in Pasadena, Ca in the mid 70s where he performed on some weekends. RIP Alex. You left the world a better place with your music and humor.

Lynn .Makay —

I am so very sad.saw him perform many times and had many memorable talks with him

Ken Sampson —

Oh Linda, thank you for this sad though ennobling news. How Alex and his music enriched our lives. Thank you so for telling us of his passing.

Our first acquaintance with Alex came at the Monterey, California, Scottish Festival in the mid-1980s. We purchased tapes then, and appreciated them throughout our many Army moves.

In Afghanistan, 2003-2004, I would listen to one of these tapes while ironing uniforms on many Sunday afternoons. The richness of the music enabled a richer bond of love to occur with my wife Kate. Plus, Alex’s music contributed to my remaining stable and whole. A real gift.

Then, in Virginia we attended some of the Scottish Festivals, primarily to enjoy the live performances of Alex Beaton. To me, his art, in the form of music, is one of God’s delights, a sign that “enables us to see both the glory that fills the earth and the glory that will flood it to overflowing” as British theologian N.T. Wright says.

Alex was a covenant child of God. His hymns continue to fill the world with praise. His close association with Chaplain of the United States Senate and Presbyterian Pastor Lloyd John Ogilvie was rich and sustaining. That he would periodically call me over this past decade, to hear a word from an old friend and retired Army Chaplain, remains a dear memory and inspiration. Thank you so.

This Memorial Day weekend, may our God, “healer of the broken-hearted…[who] binds their painful wounds” (Psalm 147:3), be a comfort and source of strength. Thank you again.

Chaplain (Colonel–Retired) U.S. Army

Rebecca McClary —

My heart is so heavy! Alex has been such an endearing part of my memories and I am so sad to hear of his passing. My condolences to his family and all who knew and loved him.

My husband and I first encountered Alex at the Highland Games on the Mesa Community College campus in Phoenix when we were dating. Later, after we were married, we again saw Alex at the Highland Games around So Cal and most notably on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. So many feelings of longing, sorrow, joy and hope wrapped up in the lilt of Alex’ singing and showmanship. No one sang ‘The Water is Wide’ like you, ’45 Years From Now,’ ‘White Squall’ and so many other favorites…You embodied the power of music to speak what is in the heart. Thank you, Alex, for your gift of music and sharing the beauty that was in your soul. You will be deeply missed! RIP

M. MacNeill —

In my heart and memory, Always & Aye

Amy —

Sad news to hear of his passing. The heavens got some good tunes now.. I grew up listening to him with my parents and tagging along to all the shows we would see him in Florida. My happiest moment is when I got to meet him again as an adult with my father. Blessed be to your family. Thank you for always sharing your passion and love with the world.

Edward Johnson —

Saw him perform at the Orange County Fairgrounds in 2009 or 2010. Loved his performance and his music really spurred my kids interest in Scottish music and culture. He will be missed….

Linda Glass —

It is said that grief is love with nowhere to go. I guess that’s why our hearts feel so heavy right now. They are just so full of love for this man. Honored to have met him, blessed to have heard him (so many times at the Loon Mountain Highland Games in New Hampshire).

Jim Scales —

Sad news indeed…

I first met Alex at The Velvet Turtle restaurant in Pasadena, CA. in 1973.
We became close friends. We wrote a few songs together. He taught me to play
English pub darts.
Lots of good memories…
Rest in peace, my old friend.

anita wells —

Alex introduced me to Scotland and Scottish Music. I will forever be grateful. Godspeed Alex.

Jim Scales —

Sad news indeed…
I first met Alex at The Velvet Turtle Restaurant, in Pasadena, CA in 1973. We became close friends. We wrote several songs together. He taught me to play English pub darts.
Many good memories of those times.
Rest in peace, my old friend. E5

Greg Tackett —

I’m so sorry for your loss. My mother Beverly Tackett and her friend Cyndi Gaylord LOVED listening to Alex and see and help out at the Games years ago when I was younger. So needless to say I’ve heard Alex’s music a lot and still listen today. Much love to you and the family and my deepest condolences. He will be missed.

Carol Underwood —

So sorry to hear of Alex’s passing. He was a great performer and brought the Scottish ballads into my life. My mother was a Munro so we shared the Scottish blood. My mother absolutely adored him. In 1987, he actually came to our house to attend her 65th birthday party. He was in Tucson performing at the Celtic Festival. My mom was so thrilled that he gave up his evening to spend it with us. We attending the Highland Games when he appeared as well as going on both Scottish Ceilidh cruises where he invited me up on stage to sing with him. I was thrilled although he was way the better singer! I will always remember him and his music and his kindness to his fans. I will miss him. Rest in Peace, Alex. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Linda, and his children.

Charlene Evans —

Had the pleasure of partnering with Alex for a while selling real estate at James R Gary in Woodland Hills, CA in the mid 1980′s. Such fun times remembering his Scottish ballads blasting from Jim Gary’s office at any given time. So many memories and good times we all had working as ‘Estate Agents’ in the best of times! Rest in peace Alex. You will surely be missed. XO Charlene

Judy H Sullivan —

I loved being around Alex at the ScottishFest in Batesville AR. He was funny, friendly, personable. I love his music, and have missed seeing him. God bless you, Linda and family. Hold the memories close.

Ray Ahern —

He fought hard and is now at peace. Thank you for the wonderful memories you have left us with. My condolences to your family. X

    Nick —

    Hi Ray, This Nick from the Dublin Cowboys. Very sad news about Alex. I hope you are well.

Jeri Diorio —

May you Rest In Peace, Alex!
You have touched so many lives with your music and personality; Me being one of them! I was a 21 year old from Chicago, and met a guy that introduced me to you and your music at Bob Burns Pub/Restaurant in Woodland Hills, CA. We would go back every weekend for years(early 80’s) to listen to you sing and play your guitar. My Grandmother was Scottish, so I shared that love of your music with family! Wonderful memories!
God Bless You, Alex❤️

Diana E Smith —

So sad to hear this news. I loved his singing & I own, I believe, all of his CDs. I heard him sing many times at the Highland Games in Enumclaw, outside of Seattle. He brought joy to many people, & tears in our eyes when he sang the old Scottish songs. I’m sure he’s singing in heaven right now.

Lynn .Makay —

He’s going home and he’s singing again

Bob Allen —

The loss I feel has no words.
Rest in peace good friend and wonderful voice.

Rod and Sharon MacKenzie —

We will always remember the first time meeting Alex at the Highland Games in Fresno CA in the early eighties. That meeting began a long friendship and many, many shared, fun times at, and after, Scottish Games over the years. Our son Alex was named for Beaton and honored that he was his godfather. We miss him. Alex could no longer walk the Beaton path, but we will continue to hear the echo of his footsteps and his beautiful voice. God bless his family.

June Elsten —

Alex brought so much joy through his music, good humor and love of mankind. His presence will truly be missed at many Highland Games, but his voice will be heard forever. Rest in Peace, Alex.

Sandy Hall —

Alex was a wonderful man in addition to being a fantastic entertainer. My grandfather was also from Glascow Scotland, and we would sometimes talk about his homeland at the Scottish festivals. My husband and I were fortunate to be able to go with Alex on one of his Scotland tours. There are no words to express the sorrow the world will feel over the loss of Alex. Rest in peace Alex in the Flowers of Scotland.

Aspen Gay —

Russell and I are so sorry to hear of this. Alex was an inspiration to us, and Linda, you have been a pillar of strength and a huge blessing. Our hearts are sad, but we will remember Alex fondly, and keep his soul in our prayers. Linda, we will always admire your love and dedication to him, and will surely keep you in our prayers. May God bless you, comfort you, and reward you for being such a wonderful, selfless person.

Andrea Kim —

My heart is broken. Alex’s live performances were always the highlight of the Pleasanton (CA) Scottish Gathering & Games and what I looked forward to most each year.

I ho`okāhi ka umauma, ho`okāhi ke aloha (All abreast together, one in love, all united in harmony and love).

A hui hou, Alex Beaton. Until we meet again.

Rebekah Berry —

Alex, his beautiful voice, superb guitar playing, and sense of humor were the highlight of the Scottish games. Our girls competed in the highland dance events and we always made sure to know when and where Alex was singing. My kids were raised on his music and I think we can sing every word. Even got my Norwegian husband hooked. Thank you Alex – you will be greatly missed but your music will play on.

Claire —

I grew up listening to Alex Beaton at Kentucky Scottish Weekend as a child. Since then, his songs have served as a constant source of comfort and refuge throughout my life. Now, I play his music for my unborn baby girl who ‘dances’ along (kicks) from the womb. Thank you, Alex, for enriching my life and that of future generations.

Debby Powell Franklin —

My Family and I loved seeing and hearing Alex when he came to the Scottish Festival in Carrollton KY. It was the highlight of our year since we celebrated our anniversary, son’s birthday and Mother’s Day all at the same time. Alex was vibrant, funny and his songs made us laugh…and cry. Praying for peace and comfort for all his family.

Trish Campbell —

I am so sorry to hear Alex has passed. We were at the Costa Mesa games today and watching and listening to artists singing from the Alex Beaton stage took on a whole different meaning. Though I join many others in mourning the loss of Alex, I feel blessed to have met him and to have the ability to continue enjoying his music and his humor. My sincerest and most heartfelt condolences to Linda and the family.

Walter Gregory McPherson —

Alex will be sorely missed! I saw him many times at Grandfather Mountain and the Virginia Scottish games. My condolences to the family.God rest and bless you Alex!

Sherry thompson —

I am so sad to hear this news. Alex had a huge influence on me when I heard his music. I first heard him in Phoenix and then went to varied states where he would be Preforming just so I could hear him play his bagpipes and sing. I brought all of my family and friends to as many of his shows as I could and they were hooked just like me. I have just about all of his CDs and love each and everyone of them because they all have good memories. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP Alex

Nigel MacIain MacDonald —

So many wonderful memories of Alex at the S. E. Florida Scottish Festival in Miami and Plantation!

Jacqueline Defriece —

The music of Alex Beaton will live on for ever. Fantastic gent and entertainer. The Highland games were never the same if my family didn’t get to see him. My kids loved his songs as did my husband and myself. Sending our love to the family.

Susan Cameron —

I enjoyed listening to Alex at the Scottish Festival in Costa Mesa on Memorial Day weekend for many years. I’m thankful I can still enjoy his wonderful voice on CDs. My sincere condolences to all his loved ones.

Alan Purves

A great loss to the Scottish community. It was my privilege to get to know Alex over the years at the Pleasanton and other Scottish Games. One vivid memory is of he and I doing a spoof address to the haggis (actually a pizza) at my home after one of the games. Sincere condolences to Linda and the family.

Richard Milanesi —

Had a great day at the Costa Mesa Scottish Games with two dear friends Rebekah and Catie!
Remember Alex and sharing fantastic memories..
Semper Fi Dear Friend????????????????????????????????????

Dennis and Sauni Rae Dain —

We arrived at the ScotsFest in Orange County, CA yesterday morning to find the sad news of Alex’s passing.

He is one of the earliest memories we have of our time at these festivals. Clear voice, amazing storyteller, and an impish twinkle in his eyes. He will surely be missed by us and the Scottish community as a whole.

Janet Lane —

I bought my first Beaton album in Gatlinburgh, Tn. I was an instant fan. When my dream to visit Scotland came true, there was Alex’s cd’s accompanying me along the way. There aren’t words to describe my joy. Thanking God for the beautiful gift of music He gave to Alex.

Linda Howard —

My deepest condolences for Linda, his family and friends. I was on the Islands and Highland Tour with Alex and Linda in June, 2011 and had the most wonderful time! I always hoped he would recover and return to his Scotland tours…I would sign up for every one. Alex will be missed but his music will live on forever. RIP!!

Gail Ladd —

Alex was my favorite Scottish singer! Seeing him at Festivals was the highlight of the year! He was funny and warm, such a talented man with an engaging smile. Even after his accident, his warmth and sincere love of his Scottish roots and family were evident. God bless and Godspeed, Alex. We will miss you. My condolences to your family.

Tina Hines —

My heart is hurting at the news of the loss of this sweet, talented man. My mother and I enjoyed seeing him at the Highland games in Jackson, Mississippi and spent many hours on car trips listening to his cassettes and CDs of “daft ditties” and soaring, beautiful ballads. He was always gracious to my mom and acted as if she were the only person who had his attention. I lost my precious mom in March to lung cancer, but the memories of those times together will live on. I like to think that she and my dad are enjoying Alex’s music together now. My sincere condolences and prayers to the Beaton family. May these remembrances from grateful fans- and friends- give them comfort.

Anne Guthrie —

RIP Dear Friend
Great Memories ❤️

Brian McLeod —

I have missed his live performances this past decade. A few times, I tried to interest him in producing an Alex Beaton music book. Fortunately, his many recordings will ensure that his singing will continue to be heard through generations to come.

Linda garcia —

I first saw Alex at the Scottish games in Santa Rosa. I was there with my sister and Alex,s songs took us back to Scotland and we were standing there with tears in our eyes. He did special requests for us. What a kind caring man, he will be greatly missed. So sorry for your loss.

Barry Austin

My deepest sympathies to Linda and all the family at your great loss he was a fantastic guy.
I first met Alex over 20 years ago at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh he was looking for a new coach line to do his Scottish Tours I guess we hit it off their and then as we started that year and we never missed a summer what I will miss most is his love of life, Scotland, his friendship he was by along way my greatest client his tour’s were unique fun filled informative and a real blast .
Rest well Big man I will miss you
Yours Aye Barry

George Flew —

Alex, you opened not just a new chapter in my life but a whole new volume. You first captured my heart with your music and then your wit. You introduced me to the history of your homeland, Scotland, which I now know is a deep part of my roots. You showed me the Scotland that you love . . . and Lagavulin. But most of all you have introduced me to people that I now call dear friends and that is your greatest gift of all.

Though I will no longer be able to hear your raspy voice on the phone, I can still hear you at the flick of a switch. Vince Gill put it so eloquently in his tribute to his brother when he said “Wish I could see the angels’ faces, When they hear your sweet voice sing”.

And so my friend, Alessandro Beatone, farewell for now. Until we meet again, Rest in Peace.


Sam Wilson —

I only knew him virtually through his singing travel DVD and recordings (cassettes and CDs) but regard him as one of my favorites who opened new doors of music to me over the past 30 + years.. I have been pleased to read these many remembrances of those who knew him. He brought many great joy for many years. My condolences to his family and friends. We have been to Scotland several times and both my wife and I had ancestors there (Hay, Skene, and more).

Caroline Pittari —

Our deepest condolences to you and your family, Linda! Though I never personally met Alex, I feel I know a big part of who he was through his music and stories my Mom shared with us. My parents travelled to several Highlands games in the US, as one of Alex’s trips to Scotland. Those were beautiful times for my folks!
Additionally, in my mom’s last days here at home (on hospice), my sisters and I played Alex’s cds which were calming and comforting to her. I’ll always be grateful for that gift from Alex!

Pat & Joel Duskin —

Pat & I were so saddened by Alex’s passing. I am sure he is singing with the Angels now.
We were both with Alex on two of his Scotland tours and thoroughly enjoyed them. His nickname for Pat was “Wee McGregor woman”. There was usually a French Horn call during some point in his performances since he knew I was a Music Educator.
His tours were also most informative and enjoyable. May he rest in peace.5BF9

Rene Megill —

Alex Beaton you will always be remembered in song. Gabh ris mo cho-fhaireachdainn.

Don & Aileen Theall —

As I play Alex’s singing “these are my mountains” I know that he is singing along with us. I am sure that he has lived with the saying “I may not live in Scotland, but Scotland lives in me”. Bless you Alex.

Steve Colby —

As a fellow performer at many Highland Games I got to know Alex both as a person and musician. He was an exceptional man. He told me of his busking days and how he eventually was able to perform at Highland Games for the first time. It wasn’t easy but Alex knew what he wanted and convinced the “powers to be” that he had something to offer. Did he ever! We talked a lot about the, “Kingston Trio” and Alex, in his own way, was the “Kingston Trio” of Scottish music in the USA and Canada. Like the Kingston Trio he set the standard for all other performers to follow….everyone wants to play like them or him in Alex’s case. I told him once that he inspired me to begin performing Scottish music and he seemed somewhat surprised by that but it was true, very true. He was a gentleman, historian, quality musician and friend to all of us whose lives were improved by his presence. We will carry on with Alex’s presence in both our hearts and minds. We need more Alex’s in this crazy world we live in now.

Charmion Lackey Grant —

We met Alex through the Scottish games and fell in love with his music and him.
He was a great entertainer and human being.
Big smile, laugh, and great sense of humor.
He became a friend of our family and coined mother the “Queen Mum” when Mother, Daddy, Tommie, and Mary went to Scotland with him years ago.
My youngest daughter called him “the Scottish exude” He liked that.
Gif bless you Linda and family.
God bless you Alex!
Your body is now healed.

David B Templar —

I was very saddened to hear of Alex’s passing. My family has many great memories of going to the KY Scottish Weekend held the second weekend of May in Carrollton, KY at a state park. We enjoyed Alex’s performances, his emcee role at the Saturday night Ceilidh (hosting great musicians like Chip Reardon), and finally the Sunday service of “Kirkin’ the Tartan” (my late father, a retired Lutheran minister, especially enjoyed the Sunday morning service). At one of the Ceilidhs, Alex gave my 3-year-old nephew wearing a kilt the nickname “Mincemeat”. My 7-year-old daughter loved his version of “Ho Ro! My Nut Brown Maiden”, and at another Ceilidh, Alex dedicated the song to her and sang it in front of her there on the spot. Alex had and incredible way of celebrating music and sharing it with others. He was a true friend to everyone he met. To this day, we still enjoy listening to the complete set of CD’s he created. My family and I send our deepest condolences to Alex’s family at this time. We will always cherish the memories we have being entertained by Alex.

Robert Fisher —

My deepest condolences to you, Linda, on his passing. He was a wonderful man and lucky to have found a true and lasting love in you.

I have many fond memories of sitting on the grass in front of Alex at the Scottish Festivals in Estes Park Colorado and chatting with him as the hours went by. My wife, children, and I attended this festival for many years. They would wonder around all the booths and exhibits and games and sheep shearing, while I would do just one thing: find Alex Beaton and plunk myself down front and center where I could listen to his wonderful songs and chat with him through the hours.

I was sad to learn of his accident and am now even sadder at his final passing. I remember him through his cds that I have and my fond memories of the many hours we shared in Estes Park.

My best to you Linda, and my heartfelt appreciation for all you have done for him. He was a wonderful entertainer and a good friend.

The Sylvia family —

For almost 40 yrs our family has gone to Costa Mesa Scottish festival and the highlight was singing along with Alex. Our children grew up with his songs and videos with so much love. We thank him o much and for also introducing us to Bad Haggis with Eric Rigler .
Coming from Glasgow myself and being able to share memories made the bond stronger.
He meant so much to so man and he will always be in our hearts forever.
We are devastated by his passing and our heartfelt sympathy to Linda and all his family.

Doc Alexander —

Alex Beaton was the sun, moon, stars to my Mother. She listened to his CDs every single day even during her last moments. Her favorite of all his recordings was the one about his wife being his co pilot in life and his children adding to the crew. This spoke of family, loyalty and love in her heart.

I will never forget all his kindness to her as a fan, at the Highland Games at Pleasanton, California where I took her every year. Alex would visit with her on his break, autograph every CD at her request, and buy my Mom a pint. Mom said that this visit with Alex was the high point of her year. How could we her family be jealous!? Talent, personality, and the personification of kindness was Mr. Beaton to my Mother.

There many great talents in this world, yet so far and few between the talent that is also such a great person they can be kind to their fans.

I pray Mr. Beaton’s family has the strength to bear their grief, and all my prayers are with them.

I know somewhere up in heaven, Mom is again sitting under a tree listening to Mr. Beaton play and sing.

Godspeed sir, on your journey across the stars to the ultimate concert.

Rev. Dean Spooenr —

What a unique man of exquisite talent! How he could take one away to pleasant places with his musical art and gentlemanly folk manner.

Robert Maich —

Farewell to my favorite Scottish singer. What a beautiful baritone voice and equally beautiful guitar.So sad and shocked to hear of this news. Rest in Peace Dear Alex. Condolences to your Family.

George Hamilton Summerell, Jr. —

I just learned of Alex’s passing yesterday. My family, as well as all of the members of the St.Andrew’s Society of Savannah are incredibly saddened by this news. Alex joined us for our Annual Banquet, and entertained us with his incredible voice and guitar skills, on 26 occasions. I happened to be the President of the Society in 2009 and had the pleasure of presenting him with a silver platter to commemorate his 25th appearance.

He also sang at many Savannah Scottish Games and was the headliner every time. Once, at one of the Games, my wife Barbara told him what a lovely melody his “Take Me Back” was and he gifted her with an autographed disc.

I keep 3 of Alex’s discs in my car’s disc player at all times. Years ago I made the autographed “The Road to the Isles” one of the regulars. Our 12-yr old grandson, Finn, became an instant Beatonite and hits the “disc” button immediately upon getting into the car. His 6th grade music teacher asked each student to bring a song from their favorite artist to class _ Finn chose “Hey, Johnny Cope”.

Alex’s music will live for generations to come. May he rest in peace, and I pray that his family takes comfort in the knowledge that Alex will not be forgotten.

Debbie Gray —

I met Alex & Linda after the accident, so I never experienced him performing, but I thoroughly enjoyed Alex the man. The story of Linda & Alex was enchanting, & together they forged their best life after Spinal Cord Injury & his diminished physical ability. Linda impressed as such a strong advocate for Alex healthcare. Certainly anyone in a similar situation would benefit from a person like her in their corner! Hugs, & best wishes for the comfort & peace that strong, loving, & fun memories will bring.

Susan A, Stanley —

After learning of Alex’s passing today, I went walking in the solitude of Glacier National Park and thought of how deeply he has enriched my life. By a chance introduction to his music at the Texas Scottish Festival in 1989, he set me on a cherished journey through Scottish song, history, culture, geography, and humor–A GIFT FOR A LIFETIME.
My heartfelt condolences to Linda and all of Alex’s family and friends. Linda, your unselfish care of Alex and your devotion to him can never be measured–HEROIC. How lucky that you found each other.

“Aye, fareweel, alas forever”, but never forgotten…

Melissa Patrick —

My heart is heavy hearing the news of Alex’ passing. Deepest condolences to Linda and his entire family and to all who loved him.
His music and giving spirit remain, and I see him striding through his beloved Scotland, kilt swinging as he goes. Thanks for the music, Alex, and for your kindness and your friendship. Rest in Peace.

Brian McKay —

I’m just learning of Alex’s passing. I saw him many times over the years and he was a great entertainer and very nice guy. He will be missed.

Amy Collins —

I’m so sorry to learn of Alex’s passing. My family enjoyed his performances and recorded music so much over the years. He brought laughter and fun whenever he performed. My deepest sympathy to his loved ones.

Steve Johnson —

Alex was part of our family as 4 generations loved his wonderful songs of our Scottish heritage every year at the Highland Games. In a joyful way he is part of our family’s history and influenced our delving deeply into the history of our ancestors. We are forever grateful for the joy he brought to us. Dear Father, comfort his precious wife and family.

Carol De Lisle —

I just read the sad news of Alex’s passing and want to extend my condolences to his family and friends. I saw him perform live and have listened to him for years. His music will live on in his recordings and in the hearts and memories of those of us lucky enough to have had the privilege of seeing him in person. RIP

Carol De Lisle —

I just read the very sad news of Alex’s passing and want to extend my condolences to his family and friends. I saw him perform live and have listened to him for years. His music will live on in his recordings and in the hearts and memories of those of us lucky enough to have had the privilege of seeing him in person. RIP

Mike Olesko —

Very sorry to hear of Alex’s passing. I was in a band The Gray Things who performed on stage with him in Troy, NY at The Bijou Theatre in March of 1967. I remember it so well because that same day we were informed that British Decca Records were looking at signing us to a single deal. The deal never materialized but we mention Alex and the deal in our book The Legendary Gray Things. Many regrets to the family on behalf of my band. He was a great guy and very talented..

Donna Harrison —

I am one of the fortunate few who got to travel to Scotland with Alex. My daughter and I enjoyed every minute of his stories and songs on the back of the bus. Alex was a wonderful human being. I’m grateful our paths crossed along his way.

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