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Alex & Linda Complete Move to Missouri

On Friday, April 6, Linda and I completed our move to St. Peters, MO, a suburb of St. Louis.  We will be settling in over the next few weeks.  And we will be without Internet access for a while.  Our news address:
Glenfinnan Music
1803 Jacobs Circle
St. Peters, MO  63376

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Terrill lambert —

Linda and Alex!

Your box arrived yesterday right before our shifts started at the hospital! We hid them in the trunk of the car till we got off this morning- didn’t want them sailing to Scotland while we were toiling. Home now singing with Alex and wishing I had chord charts for all his songs! I bet I’m not the only one either! Consider a guitar song book with chords of one of your anthology albums like Beaton’s Best, or the new Live album. Some of us who would love to learn the old songs- thanks to you Alex, would have a chance to see the chords and learn correct pronunciation of words to what is some of the finest folk music and ballads in the entire world from one who has so expertly kept their tradition alive!

Think on it!

Choose joy!

Wayne McCollum —

Alex & Linda,
June & I have your new CD ‘Live in Concert’ in both if our cars. Wonderful to hear. It’s Alex/Alasdair/Eric at the very best. As I mentioned to Alex when we stopped by the stage &tent at Grandfather Mountain last summer, it was the music and stories by Alex over the years which introduced me to my ancestral music and culture which I love much.
Thank you and keep getting better,
Wayne & June McCollum

David Misserian —

Alex & Linda,
Happy to hear that your move is complete. Nice to see two new photos posted of you at rehab and with Linda. The article written of you was very nice. Do hope you enjoy the DVD I sent to you. Some rough cuts, but a nice selection of songs. Am about to purchase your Live CD. Positive thoughts with your Rehab.
Warm wishes,
David & Sarah

Monnie —

I’m privileged to be one of your fans. I first became aware of you through the Texas Highland Games 8 or 9 years ago. I own several of your CDs, and hoped one day to be able to attend one of your Scotland tours. All the best to you and your lovely wife. I wish you as complete a recovery as possible. The Texas Games will never be the same without your magical presence.

Mary Kimmins —

I have been a fan of yours for almost 30 years. When my husband died in 1991, we continuously played your songs, while at home. His Dad was from Cavan and him Mom from Cardenden.

Our prayers are with you and hope for a full recovery.

Maybe, I’ll see you in St Peter’s. I have a grandson living there and a son that lives in St. Charles.

Beth —

If we’re making suggestions for new products, may I put in my two cents’ worth? I would LOVE to have a book or CD with Alex’s rendition of the stories behind the old songs! I’m sure I’m not the only one that enjoys the history lessons we’ve received at his concerts over the years.

Janet —


Love the new CD!! Just had the Highland Games in Texas and it was actually a little chilly. First time for everything. Highland Games are just not the same without you! Miss you!

Diane Von Heyneman —

Glad to hear you are basically settled into your new abode. I am more pleased to hear of your continuing recovery process. It’s a lot of incredibly hard work. You are an inspiring soul.

I still think back to the wonderful performance you brought directly to me in my living room when I was unfortunately “trapped” due to my lift breaking down. You made my heart sing, taking me away to anther place. Thank you again for that beautiful gift of giving of yourself.

Bernie & Maggie Dougherty —

Seems Like A Good Time for an Earlier Prayer We Sent Your Way:

Oh Heavenly Father, All-Powerful – All-Accomplishing, in the Miraculous-Healing Name of Jesus the Christ, we come unto You in Humble Prayer and Supplication. Truly Oh Father of all that we are, and ever shall be, for Your own Glory, if You might Incline Your Ear unto Our Asking. We Pray Heavenly Father most earnestly for he who is our “kith and kin” – We Pray for our Friend – Alex Beaton. He, who like us all, You had marvelous fashioned and made whole in the womb. Yes, it is with wonder You do knit the body together in secret, then You fashion each of our limbs and as You tell us in Psalms, all of them are “written in Your Book”.

Heavenly Father we Pray unto You now to Re-Open this Book for Alex Beaton. We Pray that You might look upon him and though all men “fall short” of your Glory, we pray that You might consider the many ways and days of which Alex Beaton has raised up the spirit of Your Children. Heavenly Father, for so many of us Alex has brought Breath and Life, Laughter and Spark – to Our Day, To Our Spirits, To Our Beings … To Our Bodies. Through Your Gift of Music to him, and then in his Sharing with Others, he has filled a room with Heritage Song that touched the Spirit so of Your Children that it “Sparked the Body” … Feet would start to Tap, Arms would start to Sway, Bodies and Beings would Dance … Freely Dance.

So, Heavenly Father of Great and Poetic Recompense, He who Instructs Us that any and all of those “Bread cast upon the Waters” shall surely come back to us “ten fold, one hundred fold”, we then ask as Your Children, and as friends and kin of Alex Beaton, if only for Your Glory that he might “Testify” of You and Your Wondrous and Restoring Hand, that You might send back Your Healing Flow to a Restored Body of Alex Beaton and He may feel Your Hand, Your Breath, Your Wave, Your Spark – from Spirit-to-Mind, from Mind-to-Nerve, from Nerve-to- Muscle, and from Muscle-to-Limb – to Restoration and – even to Dance – f or You have no Limit to what You Can Do and What You Can Restore – You simply tell us that We the Children “Must Ask … and Must Believe” – we know that the Power is In Belief.

We Believe and send this Belief to our friend, Alex Beaton, May the Heavenly Father Heal you, Alex Beaton, and May He Heal you Whole and Full and … Most Miraculously.

In the Wonderful, Healing Name of
Jesus the Christ –
We Pray!
Your friends,
Bernie & Maggie

sue towhey —

Love the new CD. I can close my eyes and imagine that I am at the Stone Mountain, GA Scottish Highland Games. As always, you and your friends provide the best in entertainment and heritage. I, too, would love a book or DVD with Alex giving the history of the wonderful music he shares with us.
Prayers continue for your return to the stage.

Love, Sue

Don Segien —

Bob Burns Restaurant July 26,1976 my wife and I had just finished having an Anniversary Dinner and on the way out from the dining room, coming from the lounge we heard some good ol western country singing (Mama Tried) we were not going to pass this by, so we sat down and listened then the singer started to talk at first I thought that certainly was not a western drawl but a foreign language and I thought my Boston accent was bad but never the less that night as well as others was the was the start of a great friendship that has lasted through the years, many a night we would go there the lounge would be almost empty with Alex, Sasha and the barkeeper but it never seemed to bother his energy, singing or lack of story telling as well as his attitude, other nights he had an open mike there was the Clancy brothers, the Browne sisters, Mike Lane, Men of worth, Betsy Bogart, Kim Paul and many others. (Memories) As friends we drifted apart when he left Bob Burns but much to our surprise a few years later he reappeared at Burns and gathered a large following of fans so many that it was at times difficult to find a table but it was always a very enjoyable evening, So Alex we all Know you will be back on the stage not at Bob Burns cause it was torn down and replaced (PF Changs) but we all look forward to seeing you at the games.
May God hasten the healing and bless you and Linda
The Segien’s
Don, Kay Donny and the corkers (twins)

Richard M. Freeman —

I remember in the 1970s? you were a newbie at the Grandfather Games and the powers that be wouldn’t allow you to have space on the meadow. I heard your magnificent music then and totally enjoyed it. Later you were accepted and had a tent on the meadow and the crowds came.
I have many of your CDs and several tapes.

My prayers are with you my friend.

May our Savior Jesus Christ go within you to give you courage.
May he go above you to watch over you.
May he go beside you to befriend you.
May he go before you to show you the way.

God Bless.

Richard M. Freeman

kathy cleary —

Alex I know it has been awhile since I last wrote you a note am so pleased that you are doing better I know it is a hard road been down it with my husband and we are travling it again but like you we will survive. Your music brings us so much joy was thrilled when I found your site so I could again hear your wonderful voice listen to your wonderful stories. Am hoping one day you will again be able to host your tours and Bud and I can join you. Meeting you at the Scottish Games in Los Angeles back in the late 80′s was a joy as it introduced me to some of best music I have ever heard. You are the most joyful magnetic personality I have ever met am I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to have met you. You are in our prayers please continue on the road to recovery you have started on. God Bless you.

Kathy Cleary

Donna Joy McLean Cleveland —

Hello Alec. I am not sure if you will recognize my name. I am Max McLean’s (from Fairfax, Virginia) daughter. I have been a fan for over 30 years, as are my husband, siblings and children. The last time I saw you was at the Rocky Mountain Highland Games in 2010 or 2011. We spoke for a few minutes. I was there with my sister, Heather. Our father, Max, was a die hard fan, and considered you a good friend. He has been gone eleven years now. It’s hard to believe. My son, Patrick, since he was a child, was also a huge fan. He travelled often with my father in the summers and I believe you were one of the people who inspired him to learn to play the guitar. You very kindly sent him a letter of congratulation when he reached Eagle Scout in the BSA, and were always very nice to him at games and gatherings. I saw you at Stone Mountain in the fall after he was killed in a car accident July of 2001. He was 19. You sang No Man’s Land for us. I was there with Patrick’s brother, Eliot.

It seemed like Heather and I had just seen you in Estes Park – I think it was your birthday and you were wearing a beautiful Isle of Skye kilt – when we heard about your accident. I wrote you at the hospital in Georgia, but felt you would probably not be reading emails any time soon. I hoped someone might give you our love, but also understood anyone who would be in a position to pass on my regards would also probably be pretty busy helping you, but I had to write, anyway, I was so distressed, after just seeing you hale and hearty so recently. I have been thinking about you recently with summer coming, when we almost always saw you at The Virginia Games or Grandfather or Stone Mountain and decided to see if I could get an update on you. I am pleased to see you smiling and in the arms of your family. I just wanted to say hello and let you know our family has said many prayers for you and sent much positive energy your way in the last few years. You may or may not remember Max had five daughters and a son. I had four sons and a daughter. Your music is played in all of our cars and homes. I still have an 8×10 glossy you signed for Patrick the year he won the kilted mile at Grandfather, and we have many photos of you and our father when he was fourteen, and you and Patrick and a few others where we managed to get in the picture.We have dozens of you and our father. I hope life is tolerable and you have things to occupy your time. I have no doubt both of those things are true, although I am sure you miss travelling and singing at the games. We need to try to make each day, in the present a good day, too, though and I trust you do. I finally got to visit Scotland in 2011. I was 60. It exceeded all of the expectations, Daddy’s, my other siblings who all beat me there, and your descriptions had filled me with. I went with my youngest sister, Heather, who was with me when we saw you in Colorado. She lives in Denver. We went for the 100th Anniversary gathering at Duart. It was a life changing experience from Edinburgh to Aberdeen to Cullodan to Oban to Mull to Iona, back to Edinburgh and back home. We missed Glasgow and I actually felt a wee bit disloyal to you (and Craig Ferguson) for that, but hope to go there next trip. After listening to If My Memory Serves Me Well, I feel like I have been there, though. Well, I have gone on long enough. I have signed up for your newsletter so I will be better able to see how you are doing. I send greetings to you from Virginia from all of Max C. McLean’s children and their children, all of whom were introduced to your music by him, one of your most loyal fans. He thought a lot of you, and so did Patrick, and so do all of us. All our best. If that newsletter ever announces again that you will be at the games anywhere within reach, some of our family will be there to cheer you on. Take care of yourself and your family and count your blessings. You have had an extraordinary life and still do. Stay positive.
Donna Joy McLean Cleveland

Richard Delcamp —

I too would love to see a songbook to guide me in learning some of your songs on the guitar. It would me us amateurs could share with others as you have shared with us.

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