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Alex Update – July 11, 2011

Thanks to everyone for continuing your prayers and concerns for Alex and Linda during this challenging time. They both are drawing strength from the outpouring of love shown to them.

Having been at GMHG this weekend and getting the chance to speak with some of you, we wanted to clarify some details because there was incorrect information floating around. Alex has a serious spinal cord injury. He did NOT have a stroke or heart attack. He is still in Baptist Hospital in Nashville in the Medical ICU. When I returned on Monday, I quickly saw how much better he looked!

He had a busy weekend. In Physical Therapy he sat up in a chair for 2 hours on Friday and for another 30 minutes on Saturday. Also he had some localized sensations in his extremities but he still has significant edema. Fighting pneumonia continues to be his main battle and we pray that he get past that very soon as that limits his rehab efforts. He’s getting stronger each day and the medical team is working towards moving him to a rehabilitation facility at the end of the week. Linda is now looking for the best rehab centers for his long term recovery. Please pray that she will have wisdom to make the best choices for their family. His prognosis remains strong; however, he will have a long (and probably slow) recovery. So please keep praying – it’s working!

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