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Alex’s Accident

On July 2, Alex fell and experienced a medical emergency. He was taken to Baptist Hospital in Nashville. Testing determined he had a bulging disc pressing against his spinal cord. On July 3, doctors performed emergency spinal surgery to alleviate the pressure on his spinal cord. Alex is currently recovering in the medical intensive care unit of the hospital where he will remain for at least another week. He is being monitored and continues to make slow progress – as is expected in this situation. It will take time for the effects of the surgery, the anesthesia, and the swelling to diminish. His wife, Linda, is with him and he is receiving attentive care from the medical staff.

Alex and Linda covet your prayers for a full recovery and invite you to send them your thoughts and well-wishes via his Facebook page, his website ( and the Baptist Hospital ‘Care Mail’ system on line. As yet, it is too early for him to receive visitors in the ICU. Alex and Linda thank you all for your love and concern.

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Marla Walcott —

I wish you well. I have received so much pleasure from your music, I wish I could give some back to you. I have written a novella for Amazon which mentions your music.

Donald Reid Logan —

My wife and I remember you wee from several Scottish games. We have always, and still do, loved your music! Our pest to you!

Kirk Lane —

Hey cuz……

Woke up in the wee hours this morning thinking about you. Thought I would share a little about your “younger cousins ” of the McLeans.

My daughter Lyndsay , who sat and wistfully stared at and flirted with you from the head table oh so many years ago when you came to Memphis for our Burns ‘s Night, is married, has her Master’s in Education & is working in her Doctorate in Gifted Education. .

And Stoney, who sat and sung along with EVERY song with you at Batesville Ark, Nashville, and the summer he was 5 was joined at the hip with you at Grandfather Mt, has also grown up. He is married and has three adorable kids. He and his high school sweetheart Jo live with their 3 kids in Los Alamos where Stoney is an electrical engineer. Bet cha didn’t expect the wee kid who stood on the Beaton stage and sang EVERY WORD to EVERY song with ya at Grandfather ‘s MacCrae Meadows would turn out to be an Engineer! And at Los Alamos no less!
His oldest child Johnathan is now 12 He is red headed and a Chess champion. Gillean , the oldest granddaughter is 10. She knew every song on EVERY album of yours since she was a toddler She Is truly a handful.
And then there is Kate…….she is 4 going on 16 (????) and is already her own ” woman!” She competes as a runner . She explained that she is able to win at Grandfather WITHOUT a loss because she trains year round, and “since I train here in the Mts in New Mexico, which ” of course ” are higher than Grandfather, I am able to coast to the finish line and always win”……and she does. Sorta sounds like HER Dad did when he trailed along with you the year he & I came alone to the Mt while his Mom and sister were in Wash DC

Stoney and his his wonderful wife Jo have their hands full with these three.

This summer marks the 30th year I will work at the Grandfather. I have been blessed. ALWAYS think of ya when we are in our happy place there. God bless ya Cuz.

Kirk Lane
4x President
The McLeans in the US

Grandfather Mt Highland Games
Campground Manager
MacRay Meadow NC


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