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An Update from Linda Beaton

As many of you know, Alex had vocal cord surgery in early September…a relatively simple procedure that went well. During his 24-hour observation his nurse gave him his medicine mixed in chocolate pudding THOUGH SHE WAS TOLD THAT ALEX SHOULD NOT HAVE ANYTHING BY MOUTH. He aspirated and developed pneumonia. Since that time and due to errors on the part of the medical staff, he’s had aspiration pneumonia three times and bacterial pneumonia twice.

I moved him to a VA Hospital here in St. Louis two weeks ago and he is SLOWLY improving. Currently, he has, again, had a trach placed and is on a vent. Yesterday the doctor started the process of weaning him off the vent…the length of time it will take depends on how well Alex tolerates it.

He will be moved to a long-term care facility sometime next week which is closer to our home and within miles of where I work…this will certainly help as I try to balance caring for my darling husband, managing our home and trying to keep my job! Their goal will be to wean him off the vent, remove the trach when he no longer needs it, get him off oxygen and, hopefully, remove his feeding tube since HIS goal is to eventually eat a good steak, baked potato and sea bass.

Through all of this I have seen my husband almost lose his life 7 times. At the same time, I have witnessed a man who has more courage and strength than I ever will-he’s fought and continues to fight to stay alive.

With the trach in place, he is unable to speak, but you know Alex and his facial expressions. You’ll find a smile on his face throughout the day and he, somehow, manages to make everyone love him and want to take care of him! He is amazing!

This past Wednesday his first thought after being woken up from sedation for 5 days was that a dear friend of his was having a birthday on Friday and he wanted to send him an E-card…?! I can’t remember my name most of the time.

Anyway, I know our great friend, George Flew, has been keeping some of you up-to-date, but I wanted to get a message out myself to thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, gifts and, most of all, love that you have given to Alex and I these past few years. It truly means more than we can ever say. Hope you had a joyous, peaceful and loving Christmas and that 2015 brings you everything you want and need in your lives. Hope to see some of you in the new year.


Linda Beaton (and, of course, ALEX!)

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Bruce R Campbell —

Alex is in our Prayers

Shirley Cameron —

Prayers continue for Alex and Linda.

Sue Towhey —

Alex has given so much to us through the years through his music and his talent. Prayers for his recovery and return to the music that he loves are unending.

Jeannie Carey —

Sincerest thoughts and prayers for Alex and family. I’ve always enjoyed his singing and what a sweet man he is when I would see him at the Estes Park, CO Scottish/Irish Festival in Sept. He’s been missed so much at that festival by everyone who loves him. I treasure the photo of him and I taken at one of those festivals! He’s a darling man to be sure.

David Shedd —

it’s been 40 plus years sense we met at The Saw Mill. Almost 40 sense you played at our wedding in Escondido, this news hurts. You are often in the story of our lives,the fun times! will check in from time to time,Dave and Sarah Shedd

    Jim Scales —

    Hello Dave ,
    I don’t know if you remember me, but I remember you from the Sawmill. I wrote songs with Alex way back then. I ran across an old address book that had your number in it! Brought back memories of those days in Pasadena.


Richard Benjamin

Alex and Linda,

I’m with the 42nd Black Watch out in California – and we have marched in the Colors at Costa Mesa games and the Seaside Games with Alex announcing us for many years. I miss Alex and pray daily for his full recovery and return.

God Bless you both.

Richard Benjamin
42nd Black Watch Highland Society

Diane & Woody McVicker —

Alex, we just decided to play your CDs purchased in 2007 at the Virginia Highland Games. So while thinking of you, we decided to say a few prayers for your recovery.& tell you how much we enjoy your music and wish we could see you again some day. Get well soon & send our thanks to your wonder wife, family & friends for their support. From 2 “auld Scots”.

Kelly Crank —

Bless you for keeping the vision and joy of Alex’ music vitally alive for current and future generations! I never tire of being transported to Scotland by Alex Beaton’s guitar and rich voice. Bless you both for keeping this website alive and offering this wonderful music and video for sale. I am counting the days.. looking forward to delivery of my order.
Health and Blessings to You Both!

Susan Ditz —

Blessings to you Alex and Linda!
This year is the 25th anniversary of us meeting at the 125th Caledonian Club games–and of my meeting you and becoming a huge fan. Freddie Brittle remembers with great fondness you two as single guys having some pretty wild adventures together.
Our niece heads off to St. Andrews to college with your music this fall.
We both send you best wishes for continued recovery. Hope our paths will cross again–you are much missed! Fred says he and the heavies will have a pint or two in your honor! Hang in there Laddie, says he.

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