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Christmas Classics, Volunteers & 2016 Games

Dear Friends,



Numerous people have contacted me requesting the “Christmas Classic” in disc form rather than download, therefore; I have contacted a company here in St. Louis and I am pleased to announce that the CD is now available. This production has been very popular over the years and I highly recommend it for your own collection and to give away as gifts. BUY NOW!

Christmas is approaching and my triple feature DVD also makes for a wonderful gift. There are 10 songs on each full-length production and several of the songs are only available on the DVD and not on one of my CDs. “Going Home”, “I Belong to Glasgow”, and “On the Castle Trail” are the historical travelogues showing beautiful scenery of Scotland, I never get tired of watching it myself. Of course, I mute my singing and talking and just enjoy the scenic beauty.

With the 2016 Highland Games/Scottish Festivals over, I would like to thank those dear friends who generously gave their time minding my sales tables at various events throughout the year:

Beth McPherson Arnold
Jil Chambless
Diana and Gary Phelps
Robin MacAngus
Catie Crain
Linda Midgett
Mary and Bob Whitman
Richard and June Heinz
Heloise and John Love
George Flew

I would also like to thank the following Highland Games/Scottish Festivals for allowing me to have a sales table:

Rural Hill Scottish Festival and Loch Norman Highland Games

Texas Scottish Festival

Scottish Fest, Costa Mesa CA

Grandfather Highland Games, Linville NC

Scottish Highland Gathering and Games, Pleasanton CA

Virginia Scottish Games and Festival, The Plains VA

Longs Peak Scottish – Irish Highland Festival, Estes Park CO

Seaside Highland Games, Ventura CA

Stone Mountain Highland Games, Atlanta GA

Also, thanks to Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, Scottish Fest, and Seaside Highland Games for honoring me by dedicating the stage I performed on as the “Alex Beaton Stage”.

Thank you for all your love and support!


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