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End of Summer

Dear Friends,

It’s been quite some time since my last general newsletter, so I will bring you up to date on what is going on with me and my extended family.

This past July 2nd marked the 8th anniversary of my freak accident that left me paralyzed from the neck down. I was sitting on my patio and asked my step-son to get me a glass of water. While John was away, being by myself, the doctors surmised that I tried to stand up, but slumped back into the chair which then tipped over and caused me to hit my left shoulder on the patio with such force that it left me paralyzed. My heart rate had slowed down and when John came back, he gave me CPR and revived me.  Soon the medics arrived.  I’m so grateful to John for saving my life. If you ever have the chance, take CPR training. You never know when you’ll need it.


Alex & Maggie

We have been enjoying spending time with our granddaughter, Maggie; we can’t get enough of her! There are lots of toys around the house for her to have fun with and be educated by. Maggie is almost walking and full of wonderful expressions. We just love her so much. Check out the slideshow below.

I am selling my working guitar which many of you may remember as the one I’ve used on stage since 1988.  It is a 1988 Santa Cruz Tony Rice model. The top is German Spruce and the body is Brazilian Rosewood. The neck is Brazilian Rosewood with an ebony wood for the fret board. The Brazilian Rosewood has not been allowed to be imported since 1992. Today, all Rosewood guitars are made in India. I purchased my guitar in August of 1988 from a small music store in Carmel, California, two months after the guitar was made and paid $3,300.00 for it. If I had kept my Santa Cruz at home and used one of my two Martin guitars, the Santa Cruz would be worth well over $20,000.00 today, but as a working guitar, it suffered wear and tear.  I’m asking $7500.00 for it. You can view it at if you are interested.

Linda’s daughter-in-law, Stephanie, is losing the ability to swallow and may have to have a feeding tube inserted into her stomach. As you know, I’ve had a feeding tube for over a year now. Her walking is regressing and she now uses a wheelchair most of the time. Home Depot donated and built a ramp at the back of her house which enables her to get in and out of the house with ease.

Courtesy-of-the-Fabulous-FoxI know in one of the last newsletters I said I was going to try to go to some of the local sights in St. Louis. One of those sights is the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Linda and I were able to see The Tedeschi Trucks Band. We received the tickets as a gift from her son, John. The Fox Theatre is a sight to behold, a vision of beauty and opulence. We also attended a Felix Mendelssohn classical concert, another gift from John and Stephanie, at The Powell Symphony Hall which featured his composition, The Hebrides (Fingal’s Cave)-Overture. This was performed in the second half of the program.  The first half featured more beautiful compositions by other composers.  There was also a solo by this amazing pianist who received a standing ovation for his performance. The entire concert was performed by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. These two concerts will live long in my memory.

As you know, my CD’s are sold at numerous Highland Games throughout the year. Diana Phelps does an amazing job for me and I can’t thank her enough. I love her very much. Don’t forget to visit my store,, and you will find all of my recordings. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t put in a shameless plug to sell my CD’s. I love my perspective buyers!!!

Thanks for all of your love and support which brightens my days.

Love, Alex


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Susan Wallace —

I play your music every day! It brings me such joy!!! I have bought all your CD’s three times now, and the DVD with the three trips to Scotland at least six times. Now I’m downloading your albums to my phone to play in the car too. Thank goodness for Alex Beaton who has given us sooo much! Take care, Alex!

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