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Fall 2020

Dear Friends,

Hope this edition of “On the Beaton Path” finds you all well and safe. It sure is turbulent times with the Corona virus breaking new daily records and death tolls rising quicker than ever. What a strange world we live in now. Even with a vaccine forthcoming, a vast number of people will refuse to get inoculated. My personal feeling is that it is going to take quite a while before our normal way of life returns.

With Christmas drawing near, this is my annual drive for sales of my CD’s. One of my friends in North Carolina purchases a sizable number of Christmas CD’s every year and hands them out as gifts to his friends and family. Please take a look at my selections. You will find them in the Store page on my web site,  There is a nice selection of CD’s ranging from traditional and contemporary Scots songs, songs for a Saturday night with a PG-13 rating (Daft Ditties), songs for a Sunday morning (Songs of Praise, Pipes of Peace), a CD of original and well-known country songs (On the Beaton Path), my Christmas Classics CD and my children’s CD (Kidding Around).

Linda and I stay fairly isolated as it is and, like most of you, even more-so this year.  I spend a large part of my day binge watching shows on Netflix, Prime and, my favorite streaming service, Britbox.  Some of the series I have enjoyed most recently are “Queens Gambit”, “Midsomer Murders” and “MI-5”.

Maggie coloringWhen we do have a visitor, it is usually our grand-daughter, Maggie, who continues to fill our hearts with happiness and joy. We picked her up from daycare last week to take her to the Zoo for the afternoon and the Director said Maggie was “perfect”; of course, we already knew that.  Aren’t all grandkids perfect?

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you of a lovely Surprise I received this past summer. In talking with a dear friend from Virginia about our mutual love of birds and ways to attract them into your yard she, who is inundated with them on her property, extolled the beauty and usefulness of dogwood trees.  Subsequently, she purchased a dogwood tree for me and I am very grateful to her for the wonderful gift.  It has beautiful white flowers and I can’t wait to watch it grow.

Thanksgiving will be different this year with families not gathering together because of the pandemic. I fear that Christmas will be the same as well. Boy, do I sound gloom and doomy but I am not really because I believe we will get through this and be a better country.

Hope your holidays will be as pleasant as they can possibly be and that our country can come together again.

As always, please wear a mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing.

With love,


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Sheila Armstrong —

Hello, Alex and Linda!

I’m happy to know that you both are well. Your life sounds much like mine. I have isolated myself since March, but I stay busy. There is just not enough time in the day for me to do all I want to do, so there’s no time for depression.

You both are in my thoughts and prayers.

I love you both!


Susan Wallace —

Greetings Alex,
We are doing well here on the West Coast. I have all your CD’s now and enjoy them every day along with the 3-tour DVD. I’m glad that my daughter got to join you for a tour. I recently wrote to Nellie of the Seaside Scottish Games, and she’s doing well. Sad that she can’t have the games right now, but we’ll have them again! Take care!!
Love, Susan Wallace

Linda Leutner —

Alex and Linda,
I celebrated Robbie Burns Birthday Supper January 25th with my daughter and family. I played several of your cds throughout dinner and of course the pipes when my son-in-law brought in the meat loaf (no haggis). My grandaughter wore our Gordon kilt and grandson 4 yrs said he liked your fast songs. A good time was had by all. Glad to hear you are both doing well! I listened to you sing several years ago at Grandfather’s Mountain! Loved it! Thank you, Linda Leutner ps. my Grandfather was James Alexander Moir from Dufftown, Scotland

Dianne Wallace —

Hi Alex,
It’s been a LONG TIME since we’ve seen you, but you might remember ME by MY NAME! It’s getting HOT here in Phoenix now. Bob and I are working INSIDE, and listening to ALL of your CDs, remembering what a great time we had enjoying your Concerts with our Grandkids at the Scottish Festivals. You introduced our 3 year old Granddaughter at a Sun City concert, as “There is a pretty little girl named “JORDIE” in the audience today”. You should have SEEN HER SWEET FACE light up! ;o) SHE is now a 15 year old 5’10″ beauty, “WILLIE” is a handsome, hopeful “Future Diamondback”! We pray that you and family are all doing well, and SURE DO MISS YOU! LOVE, Dianne & BOB

Kathie Pohlman —

Alex, wishing you, Linda, and your family all the best and prayers for your health. COVID significantly impacted our music schedule this past year causing the cancellation of over 30 of our performances, but things are opening up here in Illinois, just across the river from you. Thankfully, all of our band members have been vaccinated against COVID and our 2021 performance schedule is vastly improved!
It was a rough year for everyone but I wanted to let you know that your music is so beautiful and uplifting for my spirits…Your CDs & DVD got me through the downs so many times!
I only wish that your older recordings that I have in cassette tapes were in CD form. “DAFT DITTIES” could always make me laugh!

Please take care, and know that you have fellow musicians like me who have been listening to your music for over 30 years and still enjoy it so much!

If you ever want to see what our bluegrass band is up to, visit


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