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On The Beaton Path Fall Edition

On Saturday the 26th of September I attended the Highland Games in St. Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis Games

As many of you know, this past weekend was the weekend for the St. Louis Scottish Games.

Helen Eisenhower

It is with a heavy heart to inform you that my longtime dear friend Helen Eisenhower has passed away.

On the Beaton Path

It’s been several months since my last “Beaton Path” newsletter. So here’s an update about what’s going on now and what’s being planned.

The pressure sore on my tailbone has remained closed allowing me to sit in my chair for longer periods of time on a daily basis. I have built my time up to 8 hours.

Latest Update From the Beaton Man

Since September 4th, I’ve had a pretty rough journey.

Valentines Day – Finally Home

After five months in hospital I am finally home, having been discharged on February 14th – Happy Valentine’s Day to Linda and I!

Update on Alex from George Flew

I received a phone call from Linda on Saturday and am glad to report that Alex’s condition is looking much better.

An Update from Linda Beaton

A message from Linda about Alex’s struggles

News Flash

December 8th Update: Unfortunately, on Thanksgiving Day he had to go to the emergency room with a low blood oxygen level.

A Personal Update from Alex

Health update from the initial accident 3+ years ago through my current situation.

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