Recent Beaton News & Status Updates

Valentines Day – Finally Home

After five months in hospital I am finally home, having been discharged on February 14th – Happy Valentine’s Day to Linda and I!

Update on Alex from George Flew

I received a phone call from Linda on Saturday and am glad to report that Alex’s condition is looking much better.

An Update from Linda Beaton

A message from Linda about Alex’s struggles

News Flash

December 8th Update: Unfortunately, on Thanksgiving Day he had to go to the emergency room with a low blood oxygen level.

A Personal Update from Alex

Health update from the initial accident 3+ years ago through my current situation.

Alex Suffers Setback

October 28th: Alex is being discharged from the hospital today. He will be going home until arrangements can be made at a physical rehab facility for follow up care.

Health, Games, Vocal Cords & more

Update on health, St Louis and Stone Mountain games, vocal cords and more.

Grandfather Mountain

I will not be attending the Grandfather games.

Spring 2014 Update #2

Beaton’s back again and with spring news update #2. Firstly, I’m overwhelmed by the love from my friends and fans.

Spring 2014 Update

It’s been over three months since my last news update; it was just before Christmas.

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