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Hello Spring 2020

Dear Friends,

It has been some time since my last newsletter.  This winter has been quite rotten for me with two bouts of pneumonia:  one in early December and a second one in early February.  The doctors finally figured out that it was caused by bacteria collecting around a very large stone in my bladder.  This infection then gets into my bloodstream and travels to my lungs.  I was all set to have the stone removed when Covid-19 erupted!  Anyway, I’ve been home for three weeks now and feeling stronger every day thanks to the loving care of my wife, Linda.

My last haircut was 10 weeks ago, so you can image what I look like now.  Today, with the proper equipment, Linda is going to tackle cutting my hair.  Keep in mind that she hasn’t cut hair since her son was a toddler and he just turned 32, so I won’t be looking in a mirror when she’s finished to see the final result.  I will keep telling myself that it WILL grow back.

maggie-6 2020-03-31Like most of you, we’ve been housebound, but we did get to spend the day with our granddaughter Maggie recently.  She’s almost 2 now and great fun to watch play and talk.  Like always, Linda has a smile on her face the entire time.  Maggie is such a giving little girl; always including me in all the games she plays with Linda.  We play tea party, coasters, catch and baby dolls!

Since I first started performing at the Highland Games in the early 1980’s, I have been fortunate to have many lovely and loving people who have supported me at my sales table and for this, I am very grateful. My travels took me from San Diego, California to Loon Mountain, New Hampshire and from Enunclaw (Seattle),Washington to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Here is a list of people who have helped me sell my product over the years:

Beverly Tackett and Cindy Gaylord were the first two ladies to man my table at the Costa Mesa Highland Games in Orange County, California.

Helen and Bill Eisenhower covered most of the US selling my wares for many years.

Diana and Gary Phelps have been selling my CD’s for a number of years now and Diana does wonders in moving my product.

Jil Chamblis is a performing artist and part of a duo with Scooter Muse. She sells my CDs at several Highland Games in North Carolina and Texas where she and Scooter perform.

Robin MacAngus is an enthusiastic salesperson at the large Highland Games in Pleasanton, California held over Labor Day Weekend.

Carolyn Keller and Faye Bell sold my CD’s at various games, most notably the Virginia Highland Games. Faye used to bake a delicious pumpkin bread that she mailed to me back when I was able to eat solid foods.

Beth McPherson Arnold has sold my CD’s for many years from New Hampshire to North Carolina and Georgia.

Catie Crain has helped her aunt Beth Arnold at several Highland Games.

Bob and Mary Whitman are a lovely couple who help out at Estes Park Scottish/Irish Festival in Colorado.

Jeanie Stewart helped in Arkansas and Texas. I loved sharing a single malt whisky with Jeanie; God rest her soul.

Gayle Robertson covered my sales in Detroit, Michigan and McPherson, Kansas.

Linda Beaton worked my sales tables at many events and even manned the table all by herself at Estes Park, Colorado over a three-day period with people at the table all day long regardless of whether or not I was on stage.  This Festival was my largest selling Event.

Though Merv Forney didn’t sell at my sales table, he designed and has kept my website going since my accident almost 9 years ago and I can’t thank him enough for his help.

Hope you are all well, keeping safe doing this trying and uncertain time and enduring any hardships.  We are all in this together.

Much love,


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LaNetta —

I attend the Estes Park highland games if at all possible. Always visit your booth and find CDs
I NEED or to give as gifts. Best wishes for your good health. I first saw you at the Highland in St. Paul, MN many years ago and remain entranced by your music. Hope to visit Scotland one day.

Jo Kling Trippe —

Ahoy Alex!
It’s been so many years since our Scottish Ceilidh cruises — which were my personal favorites among all the various cruise programs my company was involved in for over 35 years– but you’ve been on my mind lately as I’ve been binge watching “Outlander” on Netflix. Much of it takes place in Scotland, with focus on the Fraser and MacKenzie clans, the Jacobite rising of 1745, Battle of Culloden… Now 5 seasons of historic, romantic, mystical plot lines in France, Jamaica, Grandfather Mountain NC, many clan tartans and… time travel from 1945 war in Britain thru 1970 Boston. Highly recommended “escapism” viewing! I’ve now caught up on your newsletters (having left Miami and my business to relocate 60 miles north to Delray Beach… hence new email sign up). So good to know you’re holding on and enjoying life with Linda and your granddaughter Maggie…Still loving your CDs… and wishing you all blessings for the joy your music –and love for Scotland –has brought to so many, including me.
– Jo Kling Trippe

Craig L Cornell —

Alex, very happy to hear thru your most recent update that you are at home getting stronger in the good hands of your lovely wife! I lost my lovely Scottish bride in October of 2018 and could not bear to listen to your music or play mine on my guitar, until of late, without many tears! I think I have all of your music, which holds precious memories of my lovely Scottish wife and her beautiful Scotland but I will be sure to buy anything listed that I don’t have! Enjoy all that you can now Alex as you have provided so much joy to so many others!

Scott MacDonald —

Hi Alex! Glad to hear you are enjoying time with your granddaughter. Kids always bring up new adventures. Stay happy Alex! We love you here in Idaho.

Scott & Elly

Jennifer Morrow —

Hello, Alex! I miss you at the Seaside Highland Games in Ventura, California. They had posted some really loving things about you when your illness happened. I first saw you at the San Marcos (?) Highland Games near San Diego, where you were performing with Alasdair Frasier! I’m really happy when I get your newsletters and see how you are doing, even though I am on your Facebook friends and have posted now and again. Isn’t this COVID-19 thing crazy?! I was hoping to go to the games in the fall, but I don’t know if that will happen. Stay home and be safe! I am at home telecommuting, but we will be going back to my library in small staff teams, no public. Did you know you can get e-books, e-magazines, and streaming movies digitally through the libraries? I’m glad you found out about the medical problem..I sent a cousin the links to your page. I hope you can get it handled safely and soon. Your granddaughter is adorable – playing tea is a must! Does she have a favorite kind? Just kidding! I wish you the best! See you on Facebook, too!

Ginger Birts —

Alex, We met many years ago at the Stone Mountain, Georgia Highland games. I know its been many years since we shared dinner with my friend Gina and a good friend of yours from California. You may not even remember me. I recently moved to Florida and found your music in my collection and wanted to let you know I still enjoy your music. I was saddened to hear of you recent illness and wanted to let you know I will keep your healing in my prayers and all the best for you and your family. Blessings, Ginger

Lynda Perry —

Hello Alex! I finally found you again! In the 80′s I would see you at the Highland games but then things got busy and I didn’t go to any for awhile. I looked for you but thought I just missed you. Anyway, today I really wanted to hear your music and found your website–so glad. I had no idea you had suffered an injury–so very sorry for that! I ordered a couple of CD’s-it’s time for my grandkids to enjoy you–You are one of the greats and I wish you recovery and many more years of musical joy. Thank you for everything. Prayers and many blessings. Lynda P

John McInnis —

I was a fixture at the sweat box called the Texas Scottish Festival in Arlington. I hosted our tent mostly. You & I crossed paths along with Alasdair & Ed Miller. I have about retired from all of it. I think the Games are in a major decline because we’re all so dammed old. Our millennials are not at all interested. I recall hearing you at Grandfather several times.and still put on a CD once in a while. I write for our Clan newsletter and would love to do it retrospective of your musical journey. I just did a piece on Fraser and his collaboration in 2004 with Rachel Barton Pine which yielded a beautiful 2-cd set all grounded in old Scottish tunes. I write to keep my brain active and I really enjoy the research. Trying to survive.
All the best.
John McInnis

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