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Important: Music Inventory Status

As a live performer I was able to move merchandise at Scottish festivals and, as such, I carried a large selection of CDs in stock. Because of this life change naturally my sales have dropped off and I have made the decision not to replenish every selection as they sell out. So, here’s a current list of all my albums and availability:

Album – Availability –
Title CD (album) CD (download) Single Tracks
The Cumberland Three
Live In Concert
From The Sea To The Shore
Beaton’s Personal Favorites
The Songs Of Robert Burns
Lover’s Heart
Over The Border
Kidding Around
The Water Is Wide
Christmas Classics
In the Scottish Tradition
Beaton’s Best
The Road To The Isles
Songs Of Praise ~ Pipes Of Peace
A Dream of Arran
Halfway Home
Daft Ditties
On The Beaton Path
I Have Seen The Highlands
The Scotsman
Sings Of Scotland Forever
Los Angeles Police Pipe Band SOLD OUT

So, if you are thinking about purchasing any of these in the future, I urge you to consider doing it now before it’s too late! The GOOD NEWS is we are making CD downloads and single tracks available for purchase and download.

If you are seeking to add high quality music to your CD collection before they are gone, then go no further than my store:  Products

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Michael Berry —

I am sorry to see the discontinuation of these recordings and the DVD. Fortunately I have a complete set. Maybe the songs could be available for download as mp3 files?


    I agree. iTunes/Google Music/otherwise should be a repository for all of Alex’s work. I hope all’s well and that spirits are never low. Andrew

Carlisle Bean —

Like the previous commenter, I have all your CDs but am going to order more. What if you put together a songbook with all the chords, or a book of words to all your songs? They are a wealth of information, and they have taught me so much about history, the meaning of words and expressions, song derivations, and of course my Scottish heritage. It’s all there. But some lyrics are maddeningly hard to understand. I listen to them over and over anyway- it’s my favorite music. But having all the words in one place would be awesome! And a songbook would be a great gift for that aspiring musician in someone’s life.


    I would buy one. I’d especially like liner notes from Alex. Lots of history, conversational tangents, general wool gathering. &c. as well as music notes and comments.

Regina Stewart —

I’m so glad to hear of your progress and return to home. My family and I have prayed for you through this difficult time. You’re a hearty Scot and I admire your courage to work at your recovery. I have all your CDs , but will order the DVD plus 2 CDs you are offering. I will order by mail as I don’t order by Credit Card online. I’ll send my order to the address in your message. Love, and continued prayers ; Regina Stewart, your past traveler from Gilbert, AZ.

Tamarlee Alleva —

Yes, give us a songbook, Alex. We would like to singalong with ye!

Lisa Von Behren —

I just wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful thing Alex did for my mother. My parents had seen Alex play in Shelton, Washington and fell in love with him. We were at the Highland Games near Seattle in 2000 or 2001 and my mother was in a wheelchair, having lost a leg to diabetes. My father asked Alex if he could come over and say hello to my mother. We saw him stop and chat with another woman in a wheelchair and then he made his way over to my mom. I still have the picture with him, my mother and my grandmother (who is 92 and still doing well, unfortunately my mom is now gone). He was so good to them both. It is a treasured family memory. What a generous, kind person you are, Alex. I am sure this is not an isolated incident. I am praying for your speedy recovery.

Susie Wanlass —

Have prayed for your complete recover as we need to keep all the great Scotts alive and well. After all who could have better looking knees then yours!!! LoL
The song book would be a wonderful addition to your collection.
Keep up the progress your making.
Susie Wanlass (Best Scottland tour ever!)

Kelly Crank —

With the upcoming Highland Games, will shortages of CDs / DVDs increase? I placed orders, early, hoping to get a jump on the games, but with delays, I hope I didn’t wait too long? Any tips that Glenfinnin Music can share to assist them in processing of orders, would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Fassett —

Just a note from the point of view of a business major: first, I think iTunes would be a great way to earn money with relatively low overhead, and second, I personally don’t have the money to purchase cd’s, but if you folks set up an official Alex Beaton Youtube channel and started earning revenue from the advertising profit sharing that Youtube offers, I would support you every day with that. If a couple of the Corries’ videos are to be used to judge by, they’ve had about 1.5 million views on some of their videos and they would serve to showcase Alex’s talents to a wider audience (who would then be very interested in purchasing tracks from iTunes). It wouldn’t be very hard and could be an additional source of income that I really believe would not compete much with existing sales.

Jim & Linda MacGillivray —

We met Alex at the Ohio Scottish Games and saw him many times after – he was not only an amazing singer but he was also an amazing person. We have most of his music but I will make sure I have all of it now.

He will surely be missed!!!

Donnie Porter —

Dearest Linda,

I was so heartbroken to log on tonight and see that we have lost Alex. The hearts of all in my family go out to you and your precious family.

We met Alex first at Grandfather Mountain and saw him there often over the years, and were blessed to see him at Stone Mountain many times as well.

Alex, Great Man that he was, always he time for for everyone and was so kind to our family. Full of humor, heart felt kindness and compassion, he always made time to pose with families like ours for photos and share precious moments with our children and grandchildren. We loved him dearly!

We pray that you and your sweet family can find comfort and eventually warm moments of remembrance and even laughter when you reflect on this “God’s Gift of a Man!”

Though we never had the opportunity to meet you personally, you have become family to us over the years. We wish you and your family healing, sustainment, and all the lovingkindness that Alex’s friends and fans can muster.

With our deepest love and condolences,
The Porter Family

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