Industry Recognition

Alex Beaton is the soul of quality Scottish music

Alex is recognized by many of the Scottish and Celtic musicians performing at the various Scottish gatherings as the person responsible for introducing traditional music to the festivals.

Alasdair Fraser – Master Scottish fiddler

With a fine voice and a professionalism that is exemplary, Alex Beaton’s charismatic presence has been a major force in bringing high quality entertainment to the Highland Games in America.

Over many years of performing at Scottish festivals throughout North America, I’ve shared hundreds of stages with Alex. He never fails to connect with his listeners, or to deliver what they came for. He shares his passion for music of the Scottish heartland with a fine blend of soulful performance and lighthearted exchange. Whether he’s singing a poignant love song or driving the crowd wild with the fun of a rowdy version of “Scotland the Brave”, Alex sets the standard.


Eric Rigler of Bad Haggis – “The Most Recorded Bagpiper of all Time”

If the big man himself weren’t holding me at gunpoint right now, I’d say the same things…

Big Alex is one of my greatest friends and mentors.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a career on the pipes beyond any piper’s wildest dreams, and I credit Alex for giving me a start and instilling mandatory skills needed by a professional musician: stage legs, “one take” in the studio, showmanship, a gift of the gab, and shameless self-promotion to hawk one’s product from the stage.  Only success can follow!

(Eric is the Uilleann pipes soloist for “Braveheart”, “Titanic”, “Austin Powers”, amongst many others.)


Kirk McLeod – 7Nations

One of my earliest inspirations and introductions to Scottish music in America. He is truly a great entertainer and balladeer. At highland games and festivals, Alex is a pioneer and, he laid the groundwork for all of the rest of us to follow.


Dudley-Brian Smith of Smithfield Fair

Alex Beaton is the soul of quality Scottish music.  One can’t talk about Scottish music without his name at the top of the list.  Every musician playing Highland Games in North America owes a debt of gratitude to Alex because he started what has become a tradition of Scottish music performances at North American Highland Games.

There are no music performances like this at games in Scotland.  He has served as a catalyst to advance the traditions of Scottish Highland Games and events to include Scottish music; it’s proved to be essential for attracting more and more people to both the events and to the traditions, as well as advancing a general interest in music.

Alex is not only gracious enough to share his stage with other performers at the Scottish festivals he is the reason we get to be at the festivals. He is the trailblazer.

(Smithfield Fair is a Celtic group from Baton Rouge, Louisiana)