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  1. Introduction
  2. Willie’s Gone to Melville Castle
  3. The Road to Dundee
  4. Pipes in the Glenn
  5. River
  6. Mary Ellen Carter
  7. The Battles O’er
  8. Ceiledh Medley
  9. Return to Kintail
  10. Sitting on the Stern of a Boat
  11. Paddy Fahey’s Jig
  12. The Weeping Birches of Kilorack and Madame Neruda
  13. Jig O’Slurs, Athole Highlander and the Fairy Dance
  1. Introduction
  2. Highland Piping Medley
  3. The Green Fields of France
  4. Mary Mack
  5. A Scottish Soldier
  6. Richard McIlvery Introduction
  7. Alasdair Fraser Introduction
  8. Fiddle Medley
  9. Fiddle and Highland Pipe Medley
  10. Song for Ireland
  11. Mrs. MacLeod of Rassay and Scotland the Brave

This double CD was recorded at the annual Memorial Day concert, preceding the Scottish Highland Games and Festival held at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California.

With me, on this magical night, were my good friends Alasdair (“Titanic” “Last of the Mohicans”) Fraser, the master Scottish fiddler, as well as the world’s most recorded piper, Eric (“Braveheart” “Titanic”) Rigler.

My friends, I’m extremely pleased with how this production turned out. It’s a full two-hour concert with a lively audience that will make you feel a part of that special night. Please go to my store (or just click the BUY NOW button above) to order your copy, and while you’re there, think of your family and friends.

I know you’ll really enjoy listening to this concert production as much as Alasdair, Eric and I enjoyed performing together. Oh, and don’t miss that rousing rendition of “Scotland the Brave”. What a night it was! And what a wonderful memory it is for me.


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