The Cumberland Three

Alex's First Album


The Cumberland Three
Alex’s very first album


The Cumberland Three CD is not available. You can purchase a ZIP download of all 15 tracks. IMPORTANT: the ZIP file to download all tracks is 36MB.

Each single track can be purchased for 99¢ @ Cumberland Three Singles.

About The Cumberland Three

This LP was released on the Parlophone label (Capitol Records in the USA). Our 45 r.p.m. single entitled, “Chilly Winds” was released in March of 1964. In later years I was asked by Vincent Harrison if I had an extra copy of this LP for sale. It turns out that Mr. Harrison has been a close friend of world famous entertainer and guitarist Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) since childhood, and the two of them were reminiscing about the first song Mark performed in public. Mark had listened to “The Cumberland Three” LP back in the day and chose “Chilly Winds” to perform, which, in effect, launched his career.

The LP had a wonderful review by the late Oscar award winning writer, director and actor Richard Attenborough who said, “The three inject a wistful, sometimes melancholy air, such that when listening to this LP one can feel the emotion that originally gave rise to the songs.”

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