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Dear Friends,

Since September 4th, I’ve had a pretty rough journey. I’ve had numerous bouts of pneumonia along with other minor, by comparison, health issues brought on after my vocal cord surgery. But, as you can see, I’m still alive. I finally came home on February 14th after being away for six months, but, unfortunately, I’ve been bed ridden with a pressure sore on my tailbone that started while in the hospital. The good news is that it is almost (healed/closed) and I’ve made remarkable progress. I’m breathing on my own, eating solid food, completely off the six machines the hospital sent home with me to aid in my care and, at my Annual Evaluation a few weeks back, was able to discontinue several of my medications!

Due to my health condition I’ve had to cancel my appearance at Costa Mesa in California this Memorial Day. Costa Mesa is my Flagship Highland Games. It’s where I started performing 35 years ago; however, my CD’s will be available for purchase there as well as at the following Highland Games/Scottish Festivals:

  • Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in Linville, North Carolina – held on July 9-12
  • Arizona Highland Celtic Festival in Flagstaff, Arizona – held on July 18-19
  • Seattle Scottish Highland Games in Enumclaw, Washington – held on July 25-26 **
  • St Andrew’s Society Annual Highland Games in Livonia, Michigan – held on July 31-August 1
  • Scottish Highland Games & Gathering in Pleasanton, California – held on September 5-6
  • Virginia Scottish Games & Festival in The Plains, Virginia – held on September 5-6
  • Long-Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival in Estes Park, Colorado – held on September 10-13
  • St. Louis Scottish Games in St. Louis, Missouri – held on September 25-26 (WHERE I’LL BE APPEARING!)
  • McPherson Scottish Festival in McPherson, Kansas – held on September 26-27
  • Ventura Seaside Highland Games in Ventura, California – held on October 9-11
  • Stone Mountain Highland Games in Atlanta, Georgia – held on October 16-18

**Not confirmed at this time

I am in the process of lining up volunteers to (manage/staff) my sales tables at these Games. So if there are any of you who wouldn’t mind providing some of your time to a most worthy cause, please email me at!

As always, I am very grateful for your thoughts, prayers and support over the years; especially, since my injury four years ago this July 2nd.

With Love,

PS: The cost of my CDs and my triple feature DVD are priced so ridiculously low that I bought quite a few myself – to send as gifts. Just so you know, your donations and purchases of my recordings help to defray the cost of my care.

If you know of anyone who would be interested, please feel free to share this with them.

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Elizabeth Mullins —

May you have continued healing and progress, Alex. You are dearly missed at the festivals but always remembered and loved.

Sue & Tony Sparkes —

dear Alex, how WONDERFUL to hear from you in person! And with such encouraging news about your progress!!! You just concentrate on continuing the wellness path, and we will look forward to seeing you (and hearing your voice) again in the future. I don’t have to tell you how much everyone, everywhere, misses you & how hard we have all prayed for God to help you along the healing road! God Bless you & Linda!

Gerry Larkey —

Its is great to see this update and to hear you are improving. Both MaryBeth and myself along with many others from the Stone Mountain Highland Games miss your presence. Take care.

Judith Potter —

With love and appreciation for you and your wonderful music, I’m sending greetings from McPherson, Kansas. God bless you as you heal and get stronger!

Bonnie and Lance Madsen —

Glad to hear you are on the mend! We have missed you but you are in our prayers. We were with you in spirit for Burns’ Night this year as we had our own little Burns’ supper, complete with haggis and neeps and tatties while we watched your dvd’s and pretended we were in Scotland. You had a great time, I might add! Thank you for sharing your love of Scotland through your talents! Take care!

Kelly Crank —

Your strength, courage and continued resolve is amazing! It is no wonder that I, and countless other fans cherish your music and your spirit which is so much apart of your music. Continue the course Alex, we are beside you all the way, in your recovery!

Aspen & Russell Gay —


So sorry to hear of your latest struggle, but at the same time, so happy to hear that you are breathing and eating on your own! May God continue to watch over you and bless you. You have given so much to others through your music, and we thank you so very much.

Aspen & Russell

Bernie & Maggie —


My wife and I not only continue to send you the deepest of prayers, but also … every Sunday we play your Songs Of Praise ~ Pipes Of Peace CD of which you did and sang with such purity and poignancy. Sometimes when chatting with you at the Highland Games at Loon Mountain, NH I use to think that perhaps …”you maybe did not know just how good you were”.

Brother Alex, May the Great and Celtic Heavenly Father Bless You and Show You Your New and Needed High Purpose.

We love you, pray for you, and are so deeply “on your side”.

God bless you,
Bernie & Maggie Dougherty
Belmont, NH

Candy DeWitt —

I truly miss not hearing you at the Flora McDonald Games that we hear in Red Springs NC. You inspired me to look up my roots — and I found out why your music moved me so…I am a Scot—- my ancestral name is Dick. I wish you prayers and love, and hope that your recovery is going well.

Candy DeWitt —

I truly miss not hearing you at the Flora McDonald Games that we had in Red Springs NC. I felt great sorrow when you were no longer there, then an additional blow when they stopped having the games also. You inspired me to look up my roots — and I found out why your music moved me so…I am a Scot—- my ancestral name is Dick, one of the oldest scottish names. I have all of your cds and have gotten my sister into your music. My sister and I plan on expanding our research to find out more about our ancestry. I wish you prayers and love, and hope that your recovery is going well.

Chris Fassett —

I just have to say, it’s great to hear that you’re doing better. I’m only 25, but I was brought up on Scottish and Irish folk music. To this day you are my favorite artist in this range of genres, pulling ahead of many others including the Corries, Alistair MacDonald, the Dubliners and dozens more. I’ve always loved the fire with which you sang. Like many Americans I have an odd love of my Celtic heritage, which has been brought about largely by the thorough introduction to traditional Scottish culture and history through your music. I’ve always wanted to thank you for doing everything you’ve done; it has shaped my life and my loves since childhood.

sheila waddoups —

Alex I remember in California the first time I went to the Scottish Games. I could not get enough of your singing that it made me feel so close to our land of birth Scotland. God bless you.

Eve B. Mayes —

Wishing you total healing – the games are just not as much fun without you! I remember hearing you for your first performance at the 1987 Stone Mountain Games – everyone stayed down at the music venue listening to you & wouldn’t come up to the main parade ground for the closing of the games! So they had to bring you up to the main grandstand so the games could be closed. We all followed you like the Pied Piper, not wanting to miss a minute of your music. We have all of your CDs & some of your VHS movies, many autographed. You ARE the Games for us! Take care & a speedy recovery – the Mayes & Weeks family in Pocataligo, GA.

Hank Childs —


An ulcer upon the tailbone
Is a thing one would rather not own -
They heal so damn slow,
Such a source of real woe,
They’d make eén a masochist groan!

So glad you’re doing better! Letter and long overdue donation en route

With love from Hank & Mary

Patricia Gatacre

I wish I had checked your page earlier sinceI would have loved to volunteer at your booth, Costa Mesa, CA Highland Games. I have a lot of your music on my phone so I need never be without you (I’m trying to replace all the audio tapes I still have, with Cd’s. Nothing to play tapes on any more).
So glad your health is improving. I long to hear you sing at the Games again.
Love you

Bob and Diane Clemons —

It is so wonderful to know that you are doing well. You probably don’t know that it is because of you and the tour that my daughter Audrey went on that has inspired me to start up a Highland Cattle Farm, attending as many festivals as possible, and becoming the Louisiana State Commissioner for the Lamont Clan.
You will ALWAYS be our favorite Scotsman! !!!
All our Love,
Bob & Diane

Carroll Smith —

Alex, I ave just heard about your fall and caught up on your recovery. I have you in my prayers (Christian and Celtic) every day — for your recovery and continued great sense of humor. We missed the Highland Games in Arlington TX so I had no idea that you were missing. I always headed straight from the Armstrong clan tent to your tent — Hope you will soon be back singing for your fans who love you! Carroll Smith

Terrill —

It’s been a bit since I’ve seen anything here from you. I hope that is a sign that you’ve been feeling well enough that you’re busy, too busy to post! I had asked off work for September 25 and 26 in order to attend the games in StLouis but the department is short on staff and the schedule came out this week with me down to work that whole weekend. You are about 6 hours north east of me and I had so hoped that Michelle and I could make the trek up to see you.
Perhaps another time.
Prayers and warm wishes


Choose joy.

bill simmons —

I listen to your wonderful music every day. You have brought joy to my soul. May God grant you good health and healing. We will sorely miss you at the Longs Peak festival.

Maria Shetzley —

God Bless you and give you the added strength needed to resume your most marvelous talent. We miss you.

Jeannine Geppinger —

So sorry to hear of your troubles. We heard you perform at several Highland Games. Please know we think of you often as we enjoy your CDs. Continue to heal. Scotland forever!

Benny11 —

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