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Life is good!

Good morning, everyone!

Just finished my first four days of therapy at the VA Medical Center (Jefferson Barracks) in St. Louis. Evaluated by OT/PT last Wednesday. My OT is using an apparatus to strengthen my deltoid muscles in both shoulders and using games to improve dexterity with the fingers on my right hand. It did not take long to feel the pain, but by Friday I could feel the gain…I’m pleased! I’m also very optimistic that I will make great strides while here and will see improvement with my right arm and hand.

I was given another honest assessment regarding the prospect of ever walking again or seeing any real use of my legs—looks like I’ll be wheelchair bound, but I’m okay with this. My PT will do range of motion on my legs to keep them flexible and nimble.

She also shared great news with me that she’s made the decision to replace my existing power chair. The chair I’ve been using has turned out to be a bit of a lemon and has been giving me a lot of trouble of late. It’s getting the boot as soon as my replacement chair arrives in 4-6 weeks. My new chair is coming from a different vendor and, after meeting with the sales rep on Friday, I’m thrilled with the bells and whistles it will have.

My voice continues to get stronger every day since my vocal cord surgery three weeks ago. I have a follow-up visit with my doctor in Nashville scheduled for October 7th…so far, so good.

Finally, I still plan to attend the St. Louis Scottish Games on September 28th and hope to see many of my friends and fans while there.

Life is good; I have many positive things going on right now and am truly happy!

All the best,

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Maureen Whitaker Clifton —

This is fantastic news! I am thrilled! Sounds as if the VA hospital there is great overall. Love the photo! God bless you both. I am impressed! Life is Good!!!

As ever, ~Maureen
…Fan since 1972…

Kenneth Cole —

Mr. Beaton,

Wonderful to hear that your recovery is progressing. We certainly miss seeing you perform and listening to your music live. May God give you the strength and courage to endure, and please know that your fans from the Loch Norman Games are all praying for you.

Ken Cole
South Carolina

Doug Caddell —

Alex, always with you. Doug & Lynn

Bernie & Maggie Dougherty —

God bless, you Alex (and Your Good Wife).. My wife and I had just attended our “25th” Highland Games at Loon Mountain, Lincoln NH and we can tell you that — so many there love and miss you dearly and so — if your “ears were burning” this past weekend –it was from nothing but the fondest of wishes and praise for your years and years of “Warm Sharing”. Cheers Mate … and finally, perhaps revisit the deep well of what Our Savior Jesus deeply told us about Faith and Its Healing — NEVER STOP BELIEVING — Your Friends, Bernie & Maggie

Carolyn McIrvin —

The McPherson (Kansas) Scottish Festival was last weekend. We missed you. I heard lots of folks asking about you. Maybe see you next year?? (hint) :)
I’m so glad to hear of your progress and positive attitude. It takes a strong person to walk your path. Keep up the good work!!!

kathy and bud cleary —

Alex love the picture of you and your lovely Linda the 2 of you are picture of happiness which brings joy to our heart. With someone who loves you by your side all things are possible. Much love and well wishes Bud and Kathy Cleary

Karen Clark McMillan —

It’s great to hear that you’re doing well. When I listen to your music, I think about all the fun we used to have at the Kentucky Scottish Weekend. God bless you, Alex. Good luck with your recuperation!

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