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Update: December 8th

Dear Fellow Beatonites,

It’s been some time since I have sent out an update on Alex. I’ll try to catch you up on what has happened and on his current situation.

Alex returned home from his mid-November stay in Barnes-Jewish about a week before Thanksgiving. Prior to his discharge, they replaced the nasal feeding tube with one through the abdominal wall (commonly referred to as a PEG). Generally, nasal tubes are not maintained for more than 30 days while abdominal tubes are longer term. Alex’s continued problems with swallowing makes the feeding tube necessary.

Unfortunately, on Thanksgiving Day he had to go to the emergency room with a low blood oxygen level. Linda insisted that they prescribe home oxygen for him and he has remained on oxygen since that time.

Linda called this morning (Sunday) to say that they were again in the hospital. She was concerned that he had possibly had a stroke but she was assured that it did not happen. Meanwhile, x-rays show that he still has signs of the remnants of the pneumonia. He was carried to John Cochran VA hospital where Linda says she is pleased with his care. He has been approved for four weeks of OT/PT at Jefferson Barracks and she hopes that they will transfer him there for further treatment and the OT/PT. If this happens, he will be looking at an extended stay and I will get room and contact information back to you.

Please continue to keep Alex and Linda in your thoughts and prayers as we go into this Christmas season.

Keep the faith,


Update: November 19th

I talked with Linda again this morning and unfortunately, Alex is going to be in Barnes for a while longer. They have placed a feeding tube (in his abdomen not through his nose) and are working to get the details of this worked out. Apparently they have NOT been listening to Linda’s direction and now Alex has another pneumonia (aspiration). The big difference with this admission is that Alex is alert and participating in the formation of his treatment plan, which I am sure Linda values. Linda is still trying to balance work while taking care of Alex.

~ Beth

November 9th

Alex was readmitted to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri last night, 11/8 with, what the doctors believe is aspiration pneumonia again. He will have Speech Therapy perform another swallow test tomorrow to see if they made a mistake in allowing him to have food & drink by mouth. His right lung is three-quarters blocked and they are giving him high powered medication to combat any infection he may have. Linda & Alex are hoping he will be able to fight this WITHOUT having to be re-intubated and his spirits and fight remain high.

With apologies for taking up so much of your time, they ask for your prayers yet again and send back to you their love and appreciation …


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Terrill —

Alex and Linda,
I am so sorry to learn of Alex’s pneumonia and readmission after the recent long fight you have had to get home from the hospital. Please never believe it is ever any imposition on my time for me to remember you in my prayers. I am only too happy to speak with God on behalf of someone like you, who has blessed my life with such sweet music.
Be strong. Have peace and comfort. Rejoice Always. He is sovereign.

Please as time permits keep us posted as to your condition and let us know if there is any need we can supply.

In sincere love for you both,

Choose joy.

Keturah Stewart —

I have always found it to be a blessing that Alex shares his life with us so freely. The right words escape me….all I can say with certainty is that you are love and appreciated, Linda and Alex. I pray God bless you both and guide the doctors involved. Thank you, for taking the time and effort to include us in your life.

William J Murray —

So sorry that Alex is having such a hard re-cupertion time. As a fellow Scot I have met him many times at Scottish venues, but never knew the man personally. He is such a powerful and positive personality. I have all his recordings.
I pray for his recovery and hos family.

Billy Murray Aberdeen Native

M. MacNeill —

You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

Terrill —

Still in your corner my friends! I hope the familiarity with which I address you is not offensive to you, as your music is part of my daily life, you feel more like family to me, you have laid bare your private lives with more transparent truth than can be found in a Sunday school class of 10 innocent five year olds; is it any wonder you are loved?
Rain is the order for the day here. Great weather for “From Sea To Shore”
Think I’ll go sailing with you and loose myself in the salty air! Have a wonderful day!(that’s at the TOP of my list of things to do today everyday!) life is about choices! So have an awesome day. You’re in my prayers we love you!

Terrill —

Among the things I feel thankful for this season are the love of, and appreciation for the rich Scotish ballads that your recordings have helped me cultivate. I am very thankful for you Alex!

Many blessings

Bernie & Maggie Dougherty —

All along we have been deeply Praying for Alex (and Family). As we told Alex the last time we met him (and you, Linda) at the Highland Games in Lincoln, NH … for years we have listened on Sundays to Alex’s Hymn CD “Songs Of Praise – Pipes Of Peace” – and We Believe – Alex will pull all of this and then write some of his own Beautiful Hymns Of Praise to the Heavenly Father – Composed By Alex – and THUS giving a High Purpose for Alex’s Healing and Longevity. The Power of PRAYER is in the BELIEF – it is written. God Bless you Alex and Linda.

Veronica Gennai and Franklin Marr —

Our thoughts and best wishes to you and your family always, Alex. We have admired you and your great talent since we first saw and met you at the San Francisco Caledonia Games at Santa Rosa, CA (has it really been four decades ago?) and then at the Pleasanton, CA games. You are a most gracious person, wonderful and entertaining musician, and we are loyal fans forever! Love and power to you! Veronica Gennai and Franklin Marr

Keturah Stewart —

May God grant you both wisdom, courage, peace, strength and understanding, in this time of need. Alex, thank you for all the lovely music you have brought into this world with your wonderful talent and beautiful voice. Linda, thank you for careing for and loving so well, this man that has touched so many lives with his own life. I cannot imagine my life without Alex’s influence. The music, the humor, the dedication….brilliant…woven into every important event of my life. You are loved and never forgotten. Thank you Alex.

Ruth Ross —

Dearest Alex,
I do so hope you are improving! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you perform several times many years ago in Southern California, and met you briefly when you autographed one of your albums for me.
I came across a little tidbit of information today that I thought you might find amusing, if you aren’t already aware of it. My cousin and I are both fond of obscure words and she came across a new one that she shared with me. The word is “mondegreen.” It’s the origin of this word that tickles me and made me think of you.
From Wikipedia: “A mondegreen is a mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase …. in a way that gives it a new meaning. The term was inspired by “…and Lady Mondegreen,” a misinterpretation of the line “and laid him on the green,” from the Scottish ballad “The Bonny Earl o Moray.”
So I had to go digging for my album that contains that ballad, and Lo! It’s the very one you autographed for me back in 1984 or thereabouts.
Just wanted to share this with you, in hopes that it might give you a smile.

Terrill —

Listening to Christmas hymns and carols while Michelle attends a baby shower this afternoon. I’ve made a playlist of several seasonal albums and one of your songs just came up in the shuffle. I just wanted to thank you. I am thoroughly immersed in the season of God’s grace and greatest gift to mankind, and you had a part in helping me center my mind there. God bless you Alex.

Keturah Stewart —

This morning I have traveled back in time and to the Highlands…via your album ‘Halfway Home’. My health has been declining rapidly and because of your music I can be a mental traveler. I send you a big hug and many, many thanks, for without your music I dont know how I would manage. Your voice is like a hug, your guitar playing is air and light, and the stories you sing about are medacine to my soul. I send my love to you and your loved ones this Holiday season.

L K Radosevich —

Listening to your beautiful music again, this week! You are in our thoughts & prayers! <3 Linda & Jack, in Colorado

Shari K.W. —

I don’t know Alex personally, so I don’t know what he’d be wishing for or what he’d be feeling at this stage of the game. So I will simply say that I wish for Alex whatever outcome he would wish for himself.

And of course I’m thinking good thoughts for him & Linda & all of their loved ones, to have peace & comfort & strength to get thru this difficult time. I’ve seen/heard Alex perform at a few Highland Games years ago & I will NEVER forget his talent, his charisma, & his sense of humour! :) He is a class act!
Shari in Redwood City, Calif.

Maureen Whitaker Clifton

My wish for you, Alex, is better times in the 2015 & Linda, for such a superb & amazing, diligent detail in securing all the best for Alex, thank you. I am pleased the Veterans have come through. I follow on Ventura & read George Flew’s updates; looking every day. I wish I had his e-mail. Life tosses us many situations. I hope, despite being in the hospital, you both will have a good Christmas. God Blesses you Both! I wish I could do more, alas, I had too many medical situations myself this last more than a year. Alex, keep striving to persevere! You are so special & have a special lady in Linda. As ever & Always, Maureen, Celtic Wise Lady…

Terrill —

I did my shifts in the ER on the 24th and 25th, and brought your Christmas CD with me to play at the nurse’s station. Thinking of you both as we celebrate Christ’s birth.
Wishing you joy.

Jerry Campbell —

Alex, Will keep you and your family all in our prayers…we use to go to the games at Stone Mountain and Grandfather Mountain and listen to you play and sing was our favorite thing to do at the games..Even better than the Clan Campbell tent..LOL..We have many of your songs but will order some more from your page..Get well soon..Thank you for all the good times at the Games..Jerry Campbell & Mary Campbell..

James Spaulding —

Well, another year rolls around and we are sorry to hear you’re hospitalized again. May God grant the doctors and nurses caring for you wisdom in whatever treatment you need! Your Christmas album was the first CD I reached for when the season came around. Very enjoyable! I listened to the “live” double CD with the fiddler and piper and was transported back to those days in Carrolton, KY. where my wife and I first heard you long ago! Miss those days as I’m sure you do even more. God bless you, Alex and your lovely wife this new year and may this year be so much better than last year! Will continue to pray for your recovery. Jim and Kathie Spaulding

Maria Goldy —

Dear Alex & Linda, you’re in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to seeing the two of you again very soon. Love ya both! Maria

Jim Lewis —

I only recently found Alex, and I do hope he will have a full recovery. As a descendant of MacDonalds, Lawsons, Scroggs, and Morrisons, I feel a strong pull from Alex’s songs.

Thank you for the music.

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