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It’s been several months since my last “Beaton Path” newsletter. So here’s an update about what’s going on now and what’s being planned.

The pressure sore on my tailbone has remained closed allowing me to sit in my chair for longer periods of time on a daily basis. I have built my time up to 8 hours. This has allowed me to run errands with Linda, eat out at restaurants and even catch a couple of concerts.

Naturally there are other health issues that I deal with on a daily basis, but, as they say, it is what it is.

Linda is stretched to the maximum with both her job and the time she spends during the weekends and evenings caring for me. I know I’m repeating myself, but Linda is a truly amazing woman and I am the luckiest man to have her as my wife.



Back in 1963, at the age of 19, I started my professional folk singing career with two school friends in a group called, “The Cumberland Three.”

These are the songs that appear on our record album (vinyl LP and featured photo above) entitled, “Introducing the Cumberland Three:”

9) When I was Young
10) Chilly Winds
11) Had a little girl – but she left me
12) New Land
13) Goin’ away for to leave you
14) San Miguel
15) Autumn to May
1) Blow Ye Winds
2) Wild Mountain Thyme
3) The Cumberland Crew
4) Whisky in the Jar
5) Banua
6) Sur La Route De Dijon
7) Whip Jamboree
8) The River is Wide


This LP was released on the Parlophone label (Capitol Records in the USA). Our 45 r.p.m. single entitled, “Chilly Winds” was released in March of 1964. In later years I was asked by Vincent Harrison if I had an extra copy of this LP for sale. It turns out that Mr. Harrison has been a close friend of world famous entertainer and guitarist Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) since childhood, and the two of them were reminiscing about the first song Mark performed in public. Mark had listened to “The Cumberland Three” LP back in the day and chose “Chilly Winds” to perform, which, in effect, launched his career.

The LP had a wonderful review by the late Oscar award winning writer, director and actor Richard Attenborough who said, “The three inject a wistful, sometimes melancholy air, such that when listening to this LP one can feel the emotion that originally gave rise to the songs.”

I recently listened to this album which brought back some wonderful memories. I had a good laugh listening to my high pitched vibrato vocals. Overall, it was a real treat and a pleasure to listen to this recording and, I’m considering manufacturing the album into a CD. Please let me know if you’re interested in listening to my first professional recording with The Cumberland Three.

CD Single Tracks Now Available

I wanted to mention an exciting addition to my website: you can now download my popular CDs “Over the Border” and “The Songs of Robert Burns” which sold out sometime ago. They are now available to purchase and download as individual songs. Purchase all the tracks and you have the entire CD and save on the shipping because there isn’t any! “Lover’s Heart” and “Daft Ditties,” which are also out of stock, will soon be made available for download on my website. Checkout the singles at

St. Louis Scottish Games

On September 26, 2015, I will attend the Scottish Highland Games in St. Louis, MO; this is my only public appearance for this year. For more information go to I would love to see you all and hope you can make it. Please e-mail me at if you are going to attend this event.

A Heartfelt Thanks

I want to thank all my volunteers for working so hard at my sales tables at the various festivals this year. I am very grateful and appreciative for your kind help.

A very special thank you goes to Bill and Helen Eisenhower. For over twenty years they sold my CDs at many Games throughout the country. Many of you got to know them and some of you have become friends. They manned the table in California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and even, a time or two, in Virginia and Florida. Before my injury, Helen was experiencing respiratory problems. I advised her to slow down or, possibly retire due to the grueling, all day work at these Festivals. Helen’s condition has worsened and she is at home with hospice. Please keep Helen and Bill in your thoughts and prayers.

As a reminder, sales of my recordings help pay for my therapy and care giving. Go to for a list of products for purchase.

As always, my deepest gratitude for your love and support. It is wonderful to hear from you and I look forward to seeing you in St. Louis.

Much love,

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Linda Henry Williams —

Would love to get a copy of your Cumberland Three CD when available. Was hoping to come to St Louis games this year, but I am having surgery the 3rd to repair my left thumb joint. May be next year. Praying for you always. Linda

dahlia grossman —

I’d love to buy a copy of the Cumberland three CD when it comes out.
And alex, it was wonderful to hear your voice when you called me to acknowledged my birthday card. I pray that you continue to improve.

Michael Berry —

When the Cumberland Three becomes available I will get it. Alex, I continue to pray for you and Linda daily. May the Lord be with you both and your family.

Susan Ditz —

Hi Ho Alex and Linda!
Great news from you, so glad to hear that life is improving. Likewise here. The VA built Fred a ramp in the garage and we are expecting a new, more suitable power chair soon.
I’m encouraging Fred to take guitar and banjo lessons so his instruments stop collecting dust in the closet–singing is great for his lungs, picking good for his brain. And I’m
hoping to start Ukelele lessons soon too.
Worn out many of your CDs so adding to our collection in honor of Caledonian Club 150th games. Will happily purchase the Cumberland Three CD and Daft Ditties too!
Sending you healing blessings from the Sierra Nevada mountains. Big hugs to both of you and a special high five from Brittle!

Wayne & June McCollum —

So glad to see you are more out and about. Continued prayers for you and Linda. We still miss you much here at the Arlington, Texas Highland Games and Festival.
We would be very interested in the tracks of The Cumberland Three. Have long wanted to have this music.

Nora Mullarkey Miller —

Really enjoyed Bill and Helen. Got to know them at the Texas Scottish Games as well as on a Seamus Kennedy cruise. Wonderful folks, prayers for Helen.

Sharon & Jerry Botttomley —

Would love a copy of the Cumberland Three when it comes out. Wishing you best of health and strength for both you and Linda

Terrill —

Thanks for the glimpse into your early recording days! I’ve been looking for some of your early work, and have been lucky enough to run across a couple vinyl albums from back when, I would love to have a collection of all your recordings, so the answer to your question is YES. Include me in the list of people who cannot get enough of your music! I’d like a copy of this album from your early days in the trio.
It’s great to hear how well you are doing, and I hope that you continue to have opportunities to engage life! I am sorry to hear of the adversity facing your dear friends, I .will certainly remember Bill and Helen in my prayers. Strength, courage, comfort and peace for them both.
We love you Alex! God bless you!

Choose joy.

Melissa Patrick —

I have Introducing the Cumberland Three on vinyl and would love to have it on CD! Please do release it for all of your friends and fans who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing the recording.

Bernie & Maggie —

Hi Alex & Linda:

Though we can’t “Meet You (or Margaret O’Brien) In St. Louis” – we will be going to the New Hampshire Highland Games September 18th – 20th AND … we will be mentioning your name everywhere and to everyone – including to Alasdair Fraser and more.
We use to say on years gone by that … it was YOU and ALASDAIR who made the WHOLE GAMES. We will be missing you there but still thinking of you there. God bless you and Linda … and He is.

Your Celtic friends,
Bernie & Maggie

MacNeills —

My family and I have enjoyed listened to Introducing the Cucmberland Three for years! It’s fun and very enjoyable! Wishing you well.

Jeanne A. Hayes —

Would very much like to have the C-3 cd. The recently-deceased Ed Neigh and I had many conversations about your early career. He seemed very impressed with your music both early and present-day. Take care, and let us know when the new cd is available.

Aspen Gay —

Hello Alex and Linda,
Russell and I are so glad to hear that you are getting out and are able to sit for longer periods of time! God bless you both – we keep praying for you, thinking about you both, and send our heartfelt love.
Russell & Aspen

CJ Burke —

Good morning,

I have only recently found your music, courtesy of my girlfriends, and find it most enjoyable. We will be, over the next few months, be purchasing most of your albums as our finances permit.

May you continue to heal and know that you have friends and fans supporting you.

T. Patrick McGregor —

Dear Alex,
Do you remember me and Clark Fritze from the Santa Rosa Highland Games? We had some very good times after your performances singing and tipping a few. I have been following your progress since I heard about your accident and on occasion sent a message or two with well wishes. Usually at the Highland Games with the lovely young ladies selling you CD’s, You have long been in my thoughts and prayers when anything Scottish or singing pops up. And especially when I am listening to your recordings of songs of our heritage. I was born and raised in St. Louis and have family and dear friends there.
I hope to be there in late January ’16 and possibly attend Burns Night with my sisters. It would be special and an honor to see you when I am in town.

Well, Laddie Buck, be as well as you can and keep up the fight!

Yours Aye,
T. Patrick McGregor

gary e ross —

Hello Alex , glad to see you getting around.
I’m sure you don’t remember me but my wife and I went on one of your trips, one of the greatest times of my life. I still hope to see some of your music on karaoke because I love to sing with you. God bless you Alex,and I hope you get as well as possible.

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