Prayers for Alex

alex-linda-x600My dear fellow Beatonites,

Alex is currently in the ICU in St. Louis.  He went into the hospital on Thursday for a relatively simple procedure on his vocal cords.

I understand that he might have had some minor complications during the procedure, but Linda told me that night that he was looking excellent after coming out of recovery.  However, later that night his oxygen level dropped drastically and Linda was called back to the hospital.  It was at that time that he was moved to ICU.  He has continued to have complications.

Linda is currently at his side.  Her son and their good friend, Millie Slack, have accompanied her when they could.  Alex’s situation is quite grave and I would be misleading you to say otherwise.  At this time Linda is focusing on Alex’s care and working with his medical team and she is not in a position to take phone calls as much as you may wish to comfort her and Alex.  However, she has kept in touch with family and their good friend, Beth Arnold, and Beth and I have been in contact all day.  I will pass on any information that I have as I get it.  You might check Alex’s Facebook to which Beth is posting.

I know that Linda would ask that you pray for Alex’s recovery.  And I would add that you also say a prayer for Linda for the strength to see her through this.

For those that are hearing this for the first time, I apologize for being the bearer of this dire news.  However, Linda wanted Alex’s many friends and fans to be aware of the situation.  Please feel free to pass this on.

Keep the faith.

George Flew

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