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Recovery Setback

Two days before our move to Missouri, I developed a pressure sore on my bottom. This was a result of sitting in my chair for too long a period of time without frequent weight shifts. When we arrived in St Louis the sore had expanded and I went straight to bed where I have been for the past three months.

Pressure ulcers are easy to get but take a long time to heal. Fortunately, my sore is now closed and I’m going to be able to get back to my chair … a little at a time. This episode has limited my ability to communicate with my many friends and fans. I’m hoping to continue my therapy in the coming weeks to get my strength back.

I sincerely appreciate the continued concern that many of you have expressed and for your support of the Beaton Store. I especially enjoy reading the many comments I am receiving on my news articles.



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Scott & Tammy Skinner —

You’re in our thoughts! So sorry to hear about your setback. Wishing you the best from friends in Kentucky.


    Great to hear from you. Miss you and also the Kentucky Scottish Weekend. Wish you well.

Velma —

Had been wondering about you! Thanks for the update.

Good luck getting back into your chair and your therapy regime.

Best, Always,

Bill Grant —

Fit like Alex, almost that time of year again Andy, Mary (Soutar) and I will be heading out to Grandfather next Tuesday. Once again we will miss the “banter” and the pleasure of your company. Look forward to the day when you’ll be able to attend the Games again. Best wishes for your recovery from all at Soutar Bagpipes.

Thomas Campbell —

Laura and I miss you here in South Florida and continue to pray for your recovery.

Lois Wilson —

My dear Alex, I think of you so often and hope that you are able to keep your spirits up. You’ve been amazing through your ordeal. Just know that you are loved by me and so many others. I spoke with Al Kennedy and he says the new CD is great, so I’ll buy it today. Having gone to nearly all of your evening concerts in Costa Mesa, I’m sure I was in the crowd the night this one was recorded. Love to you and Linda!

Camilla Shea-McAleavey —

Dear Alex
I think of you often as I listen to your CD’s. My late husband Tony McAleavey and myself always enjoyed your performance at the Sheabeen Pub at Aurora, Colorado. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Camille Shea-McAleavey

Cheryl Williams-McGhee —

Hi Alex,
I’m sorry to hear of your set back, but glad to hear you’re doing better. We’re still praying for you and are still amazed that we got you to sing at our wedding almost 6 years ago. Take care,
Cheryl and Tom McGhee
Fremont, CA

Sue Clark —

Best wishes Alex. Your music has been such a joy to me for many years.

Bryce Babcock —

Dear Alex,
You won’t remember me, but I’ve visited with you several times when you performed at Highland Games in AZ [Flagstaff & Prescott] I have several of your CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes, which I listen to frequently. I heard some time ago that you’d suffered serious health problems, but had not learned the specifics until now. I send you my very best wishes for a, hopefully, full recovery.

My wife and I attended the Flagstaff Highland Games yesterday for the 1st time since we saw you there last. It was sad not to see you there. I know members of the Knockabouts well. You may remember this local Flagstaff group who shared stages with you at previous Games. [They've added a superb bodhran player! Jacque's sister.] John & Jacque are now married and have a small son.

I may never have told you that I sang and performed for several years with a suberb musician, Charles Mossop, when I was teaching at a Community College in British Columbia. We were called “The Reivers” and did Irish and Scottish songs and ballads. I moved back to the US years ago, but we still keep in touch, Charles has been legally blind his entire adult life but is a virtuoso on 12 and 6 string guitars, banjo and, now long retired as I am, is now taking up the lute. I recently sent him two CDs of yours and he was delighted with them, and highly complimentary of your singing/playing,

Enough for now. Just want you to know that you are well remembered and appreciated here in northern Arizona. My wife Zenaida and I sincerely hope that you will recover fully from the paralysis and will again be able to entertain your friends and admirers, new and old, with songs, stories and your inimitable humor!! Zen and I send you our very best wishes!!! You are greatly missed! You appear to be in the best of hands, those of your lovely wife!!

Bryce Babcock
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Alasdair Fraser —

Hi Alex – thinking of you here on Skye as I head into the last day of my fiddle week. I sincerely hope that you will get your strength back soon and start turning the corner – and I know you can do that! Much love and support to you and to Linda

Jim Caldarella —

Hey my old friend– It’s been a lot of years and a lot of miles and a lot of other stuff….Sorry to hear about your recent set-back, but, knowing you, it’s only temporary. I’m keeping a good thought for you and those close to you, and you’re in my prayers. Hopefully, we can get together face to face some day soon

Sue Walters —

It is almost time for the Estes Park Scottish Festival in Colorado. That festival is not complete without you as you made the heritage, glory of Scotland live for all of us. We all miss you and wish for the best for you.
Sue Walters

Don Anderson —

Still enjoy your talents,,from the many years ago at the Northbank on Camelband Rd. to now,,must order the few CD we do not have..

Our prayers are with you,

Don Anderson

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