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Sad Family News

Dear Friends,

Stephanie Polston cropped 600-800It is with much sadness that I must report on the condition of our daughter-in-law, Stephanie. Stephanie was recently diagnosed with ALS which is more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. She, unfortunately, was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of ALS which means her prognosis is six months to two years. It is unbelievable that a young woman of 31 years of age, with an 11-month old baby, is facing this fatal disease. It is heartbreaking. Stephanie is doing all she can to provide memories of herself for Maggie and her husband, John, and spends time each day recording thoughts and feelings for them to listen to after she has gone. She is trying to live life to the fullest and is being strong and determined for her family’s sake.

Stephanie Polston Maggie cropped 600-800Linda’s experience with my situation is helping John cope with Stephanie‘s illness and he looks to her for emotional support. They find it surreal that they should both have spouses who need ventilators, suction machines, who have muscle weakness/decline, etc. Stephanie receives a lot of support from her family and friends and everyone is determined to be there for her throughout.

There has been a GoFundme account set up for Stephanie and if you so desire you can go to: and make a donation.

Despite my news I hope things are well with you and your family.






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Bernard ^ Maggie Dougherty —

Many Prayers being sent for Stephanie, John, and little Maggie – and to you all. We must all take stock in Prayer … where would any of us be without it. Again, may true Prayers being sent your way.

God bless,
Bernie & Maggie
New Hampshire

John Geddes —

Saw your SCGC TR model for sale on the web, and found some troubling news with you and your daughter. If you like, I can share some hopeful treatment options regarding Alzheimer’s, and healing in general that could be of some value. My own mom had the same disease, and music really made a difference for her, but I hadn’t researched the actual curative possibilities until recently. If this is not welcome info, that is OK, just wishing the best for Alex and Stephanie. I wish I had funds to share, but it’s not possible at this time. One thing that does help in healing is staying positive, sometimes easier said than done. Best wishes for a full recovery for you both, so take care. May need to give the tennis a rest- only kidding.

Tamarlee Alleva —

Dear Beatons,
Please avail yourselves of the cloistered nuns
to pray for your beloved daughter-in-law.
Prayer can drive miracles to your door!
Much love from a fan who several times saw you perform your
wonderful music at the Enumclaw WA Hhighland games.

Sandra Wara de Baca —

Dear Mr. Beaton,
I recently learned about both you and your daughter’s health conditions.
I first heard you sing at the Indio Date Festival in the 1980′s. I was moved and delighted by your voice and your songs. I attended all of your sets and bought two CD’s. A few years later you may remember I called you quite upset because my car had been broken into and my stereo system (with one of your CD’s) had been stolen. You were so sweet and sent me a replacement CD at no charge!
My boyfriend was a quadriplegic, it’s not an easy path. I wish both you and your daughter love and comfort and joy on a daily basis.
I’m sending you $100. Wish it could be more.

Kirk Morrison —

You and your family are in my prayers. I met you several times at the Alexandria VA Highland Games dressed as a Jacobite re-enactor and seeing you preform is one of the few things I miss in South Carolina

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