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Dear Friends,

alex-clause-croppedWishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! Catching you up again on my latest happenings.

But first, this important message:

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Recently Linda and I had a visit from my two daughters, Ali and Catie, who live in the Los Angeles area. Their first day here, we introduced them to the daily care Linda has to do to keep me going. We started off at 8 am. with a bed bath. At 9 am, I have the first of my 4 rounds of medications; I take a total of 55 pills every day. Linda crushes the pills, adds water and using a syringe, inserts them into a peg tube in my stomach. Linda does an IC (intermittent catherization) siux times per day in order to empty my bladder. At 10 am we do litany of “range of motion” exercises in order to keep the joints limber. At 11 am I do my second of 4 nebulizer and vest treatments. The nebulizer is a breathing treatment for my lungs. The vest raps around my torso. Two hoses are attached to the vest and it shakes up my lungs for 15 minutes in the hopes of loosening secretions. This is followed with Linda inserting a tube through my trach, into my lungs and suctioning my lungs until I am secretion free. It’s quite uncomfortable to say the least.

Linda then gets me dressed, rolling a sling under me and lifting me up and placing me into my power chair. At Noon, I have my second of 4 daily feeds, which consists of vitamins, protein and other good stuff that makes my slurry look like tan sludge. 1 pm, I take second dose of medication and my second IC. 330 pm, I take my third feed and shortly after 5 pm, I’ll get back in bed for my medication and IC and nebulizer for the third time. My fourth medication, IC and neb vest comes at 10 pm. Then I go on a ventilator for sleeping to assist in my breathing.

All told, I do 6 IC’s, 4 meds and 4 neb vest treatments and go on a vent for sleeping. All of my care is provided by my loving wife, Linda. Needless to say, this was a real “eye opener” for my daughters.

On Friday, October 19th, we visited the newly reopened Gateway Arch National Park. Daughter Catie was able to go up on the Arch while Ali stayed below. I couldn’t fit in the tram and Linda stayed with me in case I needed anything…me need anything? Can you imagine that? While we waited, I spotted a young boy in a power wheel chair. You know me, I drove over and introduced myself. His name is Luke and his mother’s name is Laura. They were waiting for Laura’s husband and daughter to return from their arch trip. Luke was 7 years old and the most adorable young boy and very good at conversation. After discussing the features of our chairs, I talked Luke into racing me in an open area. It was so enjoyable for both of us. When Catie came down, we stayed a little longer to interact. What an impression he made on me and my family. What a treat he was.

It was great having Ali and Catie out for a visit. We all had a wonderful time.

Linda’s brother, Guy, is doing exceptionally well with his new kidney and we love being with little baby Maggie. What a joy she is.

Grandchild 600x800My grand-daughter, Maggie, continues to bring great joy to me and Linda.

As always, I would like to thank my dear friends who sold my CDs at the Scottish Festivals this year and those wise people who purchased my product

Hoping this finds you well and, as always, thank you for your love and support.



PS: One more time: It IS the giving season. The best time of the year to stock up on my CD’s for gifts! BUY MORE CD’s @ THE BEATON STORE





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Katie —

We love you Alex! And we love Linda for taking such great care of you. Your CD’s really do make the best gifts.

Aspen Gay —

Much love to you both and wishes for a Merry Christmas!

Ted Sheldon —

Merry Christmas Alex, I am listening to your Christmas CD. I use to see you at the games where I demonstrated and sold my pewter wares. Linda is really a saint, best wishes to you both.

Susan Wallace —

Happy Holidays, Alex! I have all your CD’s and the DVD, and I listen to them all the time in the house and in the car. I have so many favorite songs! I just listened to a YouTube version of you singing “Take Me Back.” Wonderful. I hope you are doing well and just do better and better!

Bernie & Maggie —

You, our dear friend … are an INSPIRATION. God bless both you and your dear wife, Linda. We still Pray for you both, often, and still remember your last couple times to New Hampshire and the Games at Loon Mountain. Your Celtic Humor is still well intact … Forward, My Man, Always Forward.

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