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Spring 2014 Update #2

Dear Friends,

Beaton’s back again and with spring news update #2. Firstly, I would like to thank all those who sent me encouraging, caring, understanding, and loving emails in response to my last message. I’m overwhelmed by the love from my friends and fans.

I’m sorry to be giving you such short notice, but I will not be making an appearance at the ScotsFest in Costa Mesa this Memorial weekend. I’m very disappointed that I’ll be unable to see you all, however, last minute final arrangements as well as issues concerning my health were factors in this decision. I’m looking forward to seeing and greeting all my friends and fans in 2015. The festival committee has kindly offered me a sales tent. At the moment, I’m looking for several volunteers to assist in selling my CDs over the weekend. The sales tent will be open from 8am until 5.30pm Saturday and Sunday. If you’re interested, please email me at or call me at 615-390-9593. Kindly let me know the hours and days most convenient for you. Thank you.

An amazing collection

Linda and I are planning to drive to the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina this July as well as the Stone Mountain Highland Games in Atlanta this October. We will be attending our local games here in St. Louis during the last week of September. I hope you can attend one of these events. I’d love to see you!

Finally, my best-selling CD “Beaton’s Personal Favorites” – which has been out of stock – will be back in stock and can be ordered now. I also expect it to be available for purchase at Costa Mesa. This is a 2 CD set with 15 tracks on each disc. If I must say so myself, I highly recommend “Beaton’s Personal Favorites” as well as my “Live In Concert” CD.

As always, thanks for all your support.



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Terrill Lambert —

I wish I were able to be in Costa Mesa this Memorial Day to sell CDs for you Alex, if you are able to have a sales tent in Batesville this year for the games let me know. I would truly like to help out in any way possible.

Kindest Regards

The segienD —

darn it all we were all looking forward to seeing you don

Jessie —

Praying for you! Been listening to your wonderful music since I was a toddler and some of my best memories are of the scottish festivals we would go to and hear you sing. :) Be well!!! <3

Bill Ward —

I had a feeling I posted my comments prematurely… regarding the ScotsFest on the first Spring 2014 update. I agree it’s sad we won’t get to see you but your health and healing is a much higher priority. Be strong, heal fast, well wishes to you.

Kay Ohana —

I’m sorry to learn about your injuries and illnesses. I’ve been going through my mother’s VCRs and found 3 of them you had signed for her. Her name was Anne Coker and you gave her much joy in her final years in Sacramento and Woodland CA. Today is Mother’s Day and I’m missing her, so a little something in her memory.

Cindy Campbell —

Alex, We will miss you.. Take care of yourself and have faith.. Keep your chin up.
Cindy Coffey-Campbell
Clan Campbell NA Trustee

Eunice Murai —

We were in Costa Mesa, saw your tent, bought stuff , and mostly missed you! I am in a wheelchair, too. I truly know what a stuggle you have. I work hard to relearn to walk, but I don’t give up. You give us all inspiration! You deserve the best dear Alex.

P.S. you are my “celebrity crush!”

Be well – be patient. Love yiu, Eunice Murai

Sue Clark —

Wishing you strength and healing. Be good to yourself and keep on fighting. Hope to see you at the games in the future.

Nate M.

My name is Nathan. I’ve been listening to Mr. Beaton since I was 7 years old when my father brought home Beaton’s Best and A VHS tape from the Highland Games to which I would listen to on the way to school and watch when I got home, respectively. The next year, I made sure to attend the Games as my family knew, for certain, that Alec would be there. While trying my first haggis and ginger-beer, I kindly requested from him “Hey Johnnie Cope’ and Ye Cannae Throw yar Grannie. While becoming an adult and realizing how memory can be and knowing he may not remember my ma, da and I, when I had heard of Alec’s injuries I could do nothing to help but think well of him. When I am blue, or battleready or truly happy, I play the music he performs and think of that time. At the time I write this, it has been three years since his accident and I had forgotten. I’ve been in a bad place, but hearing his music led me back here only to find that he is still performing and is in good health. This alone makes me feel so much better. Alex, if you or your loved ones are reading, know you have been and will continue to be a light in dark and happy times alike for myself, and the family I wish to raise.

Please feel my prayer and continue what you do, and know I thank you for your hard work in recovery to continue what you do. Perhaps someday I can take my future son to try his first haggis and listen to you sing.

Again, thank you.

John and Pam Gaitskill —

It’s great you’re planning to be in North Carolina for the Grandfather Mountain Games. We’ll try to make it to see you. If not there perhaps Stone Mountain.

Best wishes for continued recovery.
John and Pam Gaitskill

jesse yarborough —

Alex: You may not remember me, but, my wife, Gloria, and I met you
at Robert Burns’ place in W.H.,Ca.
We have fond memories of the times that we had.
Your name “popped” into my
mind and I “googled” and found
your site. Hope you’re better now!

Hank Childs (MD) —

Dear Alex,

It’s too long since I last communicated and contributed (my wife is a heart transplant patient having intermittent rejection problems), but I wanted to respond to your very informative comments in the earlier Spring report.

As you may recall, we shared Scottish balladry and beautiful guitars, also the same malignancy and I too sustained a cervical cord injury in April ’06, so I can totally empathize both personally and professionally. Many people don’t realize that most of the body’s nerves run through the cervical spinal cord, so that significant damage to that area always causes malfunction of all kinds of bodily systems downstream. The consequent losses of control and function and the tendency to uncontrollable muscle spasm really cause a special kind of misery, (and I appreciate the frankness and informational input you offered), its hallmark being frustration with a capital “F.” All of the above powerful reasons why cervical cord injuries are among the most dreaded in neurology.

I was lucky enough to have a lesser degree of injury than yours, but I can’t play my beloved guitars worth a damn now, and my singing voice resembles Kermit the frog! And I was only a minor talent. So – for a musician of your top-notch ability you’ve sustained an enormous loss. Nevertheless (per e-mails George Flew has been kind enough to send), it sounds like you’ve been applying rugged Scottish determination along with the blessings of loving care and prayers from many us and have been making progress in spite of this great adversity.

Mary and I took in your performances exclusively at the Loon Mountain Highland Games for many years, and have virtually all of your CD’s. We especially enjoyed both the somewhat waggish trips through Scottish history with which you accompanied your songs at the Games, but also the excellent taste you’ve consistently displayed in the music you’ve selected and how you presented it. Not to mention unusually good guitar accompaniments… We wish we could have participated in one of your Scottish tours!.

Progress in recovery from this kind of injury is indeed a slow process, but improvement DOES happen, as I think you’re discovering. There’s some interesting work being done with improving damaged microvasculature surrounding injured brain and cord neurons, with resulting improvement in dysfunction even years post-injury (I’ve benefited from this, and if you’d like further information let me know).

Mary and I remain fond admirers and supporters and we continue to keep love in our hearts and prayers coming your way, hoping that you and Linda will keep up your courage and determination and hopefully can make it to Stone Mountain in October!

With love, empathy and great respect,



Gloria Oliver —

It’s August, but I am just getting around to checking on my favorite people! We have missed you so much, and pray for you every day. Keep up the good work. I may not send many emails or other messages, but know that you are always in our thoughts.

Julie Wuest —

Greetings Alex,
I was reading the description on an Outlander site about what is so grand about a man in a kilt. There was a nice description but my memory of a real Scot in a kilt was you walking out the back gate at the Scottish Games in Pleasanton several years ago. I don’t think I took my eyes off you and reported to my mom ASAP! I know life can deal us challenges, as you are dealing with one yourself. I encourage you to fight hard every day, hang in there, and thanks for all the enjoyment you have given over the years. Love to you and your family.

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