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Spring 2014 Update

My Dear Friends,

zoom_44276_croppedIt’s been over three months since my last news update; it was just before Christmas. The Christmas / New Year’s season has always been an emotionally challenging time for me since I was a young lad. Normally I get through the doldrums by the first or second week of January, but this year has been unusually difficult for me. After almost three years, it’s still very hard to come to grips with my situation. To have my performing career abruptly ended because of my injury is one thing, but to also lose the ability to play my guitar was terribly hard to accept. In addition, the damage to my vocal cords has left my voice with unpredictable inconsistencies. The doctors are still deliberating about if and when I should have surgery on my right vocal cord. In the meantime, I am unable to sing. It’s not just the paralysis from the neck down that is so troublesome, but rather the countless other issues – some extremely painful – that befall me on a daily basis.

I, unfortunately experience no control over my bladder or my bowel. I am presently taking the maximum level of medication for ongoing nerve spasms which feel like an ever-tightening belt around my diaphragm restricting by ability to take a deep breath. My body thermostat often causes me to be chilled to the bone for hours on end even when it’s actually 74 degrees in the room. These problems represent the short list of issues I have to live with; however, through professional intervention and with the indispensable love and support of my fans and friends and, of course, my anchor, my truly marvelous wife, Linda, I am in a much better place today. I am working on a couple of major projects – my memoirs being one of them. Whether or not my book ever reaches publication, it is excellent therapy for me to look back on my life to fully appreciate all the good fortune I have experienced. Of course, in every life, a little rain must fall. It’s important for me to understand and memorialize those moments as well.

As you can imagine, being unable to work – after my injury – has left me with a rather large inventory of merchandise. I’ve lowered the cost of CDs from $15 to $10 (for the single CDs) and have run specials from time to time. I want to thank those who have purchased my product over the years and, specifically, the last three years. The income from those sales, along with many generous donations, has helped to offset the high cost of caregiving and therapy. The generosity of those of you who have donated to my rehabilitation has resulted in my being able to independently drive my power chair, feed myself certain foods, use a writing utensil, make phone calls and work on my IPad.


I am grateful for all the greeting cards, calls and well-wishes that I continue to receive every week. I must give special thanks to Sheila Armstrong, Janet Pickens (Cleta and FM) and Lucy McPherson for sending me a greeting card each week without fail since July of 2011. I would also like to thank my dear friend, Ron Eisenberg, who calls me every week and is the best of therapy.

I must not forget to mention a memorable visit by my good friend, Seamus Kennedy, at the end of January. He flew in from Baltimore and came to the house bearing gifts. We had a wonderful Italian dinner together, he entertained Linda and me by playing a few songs and then he flew out early the next day… GREAT TIME-GREAT VISIT!

All my email correspondence and website updates/hosting are due to the talent of my good friend, Merv Forney who designed the site a year ago. If you or any friends are of need of Merv’s talents, he may be contacted at Merv and his wife Pam were also kind enough to hire a masseur to come to my home for a 1 hour massage. Loved it and love you, Pam and Merv!

I have a lot to be grateful for in this life; a man could never find such a devoted, caring, loving woman as my wife Linda. She has the weight of the world on her shoulders. I wish I could help her more, but knowing – from all your greeting cards – she has so many people praying for her makes us both feel better. For those of you who have expressed a desire to visit, if I’ve been unable to see you, please know that I truly appreciate the thought so much and hope that we can try again in the future.



Although I promised to provide a list of Games I plan to attend this year, the list is not quite finalized. Here is a list of Games I HOPE to attend this year:

In 2015, I hope to attend the Games in:

  • Batesville, Arkansas
  • Arlington, Texas
  • The Plains, Virginia
  • McPherson, Kansas
  • Ventura, California

I will work to finalize my plans within the next two weeks and will post a notice on my website.

live-in-concertI know that many of you already have some of my recordings; however, you might consider purchasing one or two for friends, or forwarding my website information to anyone who may be interested. If you are one of the unlucky people who has not yet purchased my “Live In Concert” CD, then give yourself a gift and order one today! It will, without fail, put a smile on your face!

There are beautiful tracks with Alasdair Fraser on fiddle and Eric Rigler on Highland and Uilleann pipes. The concert concludes with a special arrangement of “Scotland The Brave”. I highly recommend this DOUBLE CD of almost two hours of music and banter for your collection. BUY NOW

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Bill and Jan —

Soooo HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU, ALEX!!! Been thinking about you, talking about you and praying for you and Linda. You are both inspirations for Bill and me.

J Keturah Stewart —

So very nice to read your update. Daily, you and Linda are in my thoughts. Daily, you are both in my prayers. I thank God that he has placed the two of you together in this lifes journey, for your love is inspirational. Hopefully you recieved the package I sent to you and that it does its job and helps you both relax and have hope and encouragement… for you both are loved and never forgotten. Remember, God is Great….He can give you both the strength to live not just survive. My family and I are all looking forward to the chance of seeing you both and hugging you necks at the games this year….if all goes well with our health. (It seems my body and yours, Alex, are very similar in how they dont meet up with our minds.) May you go with grace on this journey of life.

Ann Fraser —

Nice to hear the update and we (my father , Mr. Kaye Fraser,and I) pray that you are blessed for how many people you have touched! We miss seeing you out here in AZ but relish the joy we have in memories, Thank You! Many prayers and wishes for you, and your lovely wife Linda.

Trevin Davis —

Dear Alex,
I saw you perform several years ago at the Highland Games in Gatlinburg Tn. I enjoyed the show so much that I bought out nearly every CD that you had. There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t enjoy your music.

I just recently learned of you injury, when searching for a replacement CD after scratching one of mine. I just wanted to wish you well and to thank for all of the enjoyment that your music has given me, my family and my friends and for the enjoyment that it continues to give us. I sincerely hope that you will be able to sing again, but I hope that you realize that your music is still out their being enjoyed.

Take Care,

Trevin Davis

Nicole Lyons —

Dear Alex,
I first enjoyed hearing your music at the Scottish Games in Costa Mesa CA many years ago. We missed seeing you there when we attended last year and I learned of your accident. While listening to your music again today, I am reminded of what a pure talent God gifted you with. I hope you will perform again someday, but please remember in the event you are not able to, you have already given the world the gift of your voice and that will never be forgotten. God bless and may the road to recovery get easier as time passes. I wish you the best and am thankful for your music. You are always welcome in my home state of California. Take care and never give up! Nicole Lyons

Maureen Whitaker Clifton

Alex & Linda, Loved your newest post. Alex, you are a brave Soul & man. Pleased you will still travel. Relating the realities to others as you did – well, it is a ‘reality check’ to people what life hands to some. I am still sad & pray for you a lot, sending ‘healing energies.’ I admire your steadfast courage & abiding spirit. Keep the faith & continue to do well. God bless & love to you both, Maureen Whitaker Clifton in Lewis Center, Ohio.

Katie Stefanou —

Myself and my family have missed seeing and hearing you at the Costa Mesa, CA games. My prayers are with you and your family in hopes that you will be able to make an appearance this year. God truly has blessed us all with your presence and music.

Josef Roberts Macdonough Lancaster —

Hi Alex and Linda, Have not been able to see you since 1999. Now in Texas, still with the DOD. God Bless you all in this your time of great need. I’m still true Scot/Irish and lovin every minute of it. Miss ya’all. May the road continue to rise to meet you and yours!!
Joe and Cleo

Terrill Lambert —

Thank you for sharing yourself and your music with us so unselfishly. I would still like a songbook of your favorites with chord charts, just an idea…
Your music awakens the Scot in me. That’s strong stuff coming from a fellow with Norman-Irish heritage!

You and yours have my heartfelt prayers.


Bill Ward —

My sister introduced me to your music and I made a point of seeing you at the ScotsFest in Costa Mesa for a couple years before your accident. Today (5/10/14) is the 5th anniversary of her passing. So in her honor, I sat by her gravesite and played The Scotsman and Live in Concert. We all enjoyed you, Alistair, and Eric’s great music. Thank you!

I’m astounded to see that you’ll be going to the ScotsFest this year, that’s wonderful! And hopefully won’t be too much of a drain on you. I’ll definitely make a point of going and maybe getting a chance to see you.

Best of luck on your arduous healing process.


Cindy Campbell —

Alex, I am sending prayers your way. I have a friend that experienced some of what you are experiencing.. If you make it to Costa Mesa, please stop by the Clan Campbell booth.. I will even let you pick on me again.. (I know you will anyway).. Keep your chin up.. Linda, hang in there.. We all love you and will be excited to see you. Cindy

Jeannie Carey —

Hi Alex,
I was so sorry to hear of your health issues and just wanted to tell you that I’m praying for you real hard and hoping that your situation improves day by day. I’ve seen you in Estes Park, CO every year for 25 years at the Scot/Irish Fest there every Sept. I’ve missed you so much and I treasure the photo I have of you and I taken after one of your music sessions at the fairgrounds in Estes. I love your music and you are an amazing person. Please know that I admire you and miss you and just hope that you improve so you can get back to your music again some day. Take care and love you so much. Hugs to your amazing wife Linda too.

Russ Madigan —

Alex, I just wanted to add my thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I know you get so many well wishes from all your fans and friends. I look forward to the day when I can share a wee dram with you again.

Yours Aye,


Tom And Barb Edgar —

We just listened to your “Live in Concert CD” and enjoyed it immensely. We’ve enjoyed your music for years. Estes Park is not the same without you. Our prayers are with you and Linda. God Bless you.
Tom and Barb

Dan Otis —

My grandfather was born in Dundee, Scotland. We used to go to the Scottish Highland games in Petalima, CA, then Santa Rosa, and now Pleasanton, CA. Then I started Scottish Country Dancing for 10 yrs, reading Scottish history, and for music, listen to Alex, singing live at the games, along with buying his cd’s. Then, due to work I was gone for 15 yrs, but now I’m retired and able to attend the games again, in 2014. I was so shocked to learn of your accident. I bought some more cd’s at the games. Over the years we’ve bought various Celtic cd’s, but I always come back to you and your songs. God bless you, Alex. God bless you.

MaryAnn —

Alex, Sept.15, 2014

….every morn, I put on one of your CDand go about my morn. Am waiting for” A
Dream of Arran” for which I sent in. I believe that is the only one I don’t have.. Have all your other.. music………….tapes, CDs.
Alex, ….I offer up a prayer for you to God to help you. God Bless.

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