Beaton’s Personal Favorites Disk 2 (Download Only)

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A two CD set with all of Beaton’s personal favorites. An amazing collection for your library.  His fans love it and you will too!

A two cd set can be purchased for download. This is Disk 2. Disk 1 sold separately here.

  1. Mary Ellen Carter
  2. Rare Auld Times
  3. I Have Seen The Highlands
  4. Uist Tramping Song
  5. The Water is Wide
  6. The Massacre of Glencoe
  7. Twa Recruiting Sergeants
  8. Lover’s Heart
  9. Loch Tay Boat Song
  10. The Battle’s O’er
  11. Take Her Into Your Arms
  12. Caledonia
  13. Sally Gardens
  14. Peggy and the Soldier
  15. These Are My Mountains

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