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Summer 2018 Update

Dear Friends,

Well, it’s been some time since my last newsletter was sent back in January. My intention was to get a newsletter out by the end of April; however, as an expert in procrastination, the issue of “On the Beaton Path” is 3 months late. As many of you know, I am a crazy football (soccer) fan and was glued for a month between the middle of June till the final on July 15th watching the World Cup.  Right after that I had to watch “The 147th Open Golf Championship” from Carnoustie, Scotland. It brought back fond memories of playing that course.

There have been a couple of health issues affecting me since January. The volume of my voice has become so weak that now I have a microphone headset with an amplifier/speaker which enables me to communicate with the people around me. Secondly, I am unable to swallow, and I am a high risk to aspirate, so all of my food, water and medicines are given to me through a tube inserted in my stomach. Over the next few months, I am doing exercises to pass the swallow test scheduled in September which will enable me to taste food again. The thought of not being able to enjoy a good haggis breaks my heart! Other than that, I’m doing well.

Grandchild 600x800On the 17th of July, Linda and I became grandparents for the first time when her son John’s wife, Stephanie, gave birth to a baby girl named Maggie James Polston. What a beautiful baby. Maggie weighed in at 7 pounds, three ounces and is 20 inches long. As a gift I gave my children’s CD “Kidding Around” to Maggie which should provide her great pleasure for many years to come. You, too, can make a young child happy by giving them this wonderful CD.  As always, I am TOTALLY shameless!

As mentioned in my previous newsletter, Linda’s younger brother, Guy Irvin, is in stage 4 kidney failure and his kidney function is now at 16% so it’s a real race against time to secure a suitable kidney for transplant.  Her family has been tested, but they don’t have a good match so far, so I’m asking for help in spreading the word.  If you do know of anyone potentially interested in becoming a living kidney donor (there are thousands of people out there in a similar situation to Guy), please reach out to to see about helping.  If anyone is specifically interested in helping Guy, they can call either Piedmont Transplant Center in Atlanta or Barnes Jewish Center (BJC) in St. Louis.  The contact information for both can be found below:

Piedmont Transplant Center
Telephone:  404-605-2950

Barnes Hospital Transplant Center
Telephone:  314-362-5365, x4

Ashley graduation 600x800This past Friday Linda, Jeff Paul (a friend) and I attended Ashley’s graduation from college.  As you may remember, she worked for me for 3 years as my caregiver and lived with Linda and I for the last 2 years she was in nursing school.  It was with mixed emotions that I watched her walk across the stage:  I am so proud of the beautiful young woman she is and what she’s achieved in getting her nursing degree, nursing license and securing a full-time job, but at the same time, both Linda and I miss her terribly…she became a member of our family and it was like watching your child leave the nest.

I would like to thank my dear friends who sell my CDs at numerous Highland Games.  On Labor Day weekend I will have a table by the Glenfinnan Stage at Pleasanton, California. The following weekend, my table will be at my good friend, Seamus Kennedy’s, tent in Estes Park, Colorado.  On the second weekend of October, you will find my table at the Alex Beaton Stage in Ventura, California.

I was running out of stock for a number of my CD’s. Because of requests for these selections, I have ordered and received a small amount of product. Now, most of my CD’s are available on the store page on my website:  You should think about birthday and Christmas gifts along with enhancing your own library. Again, I’m shamelessly hawking my wares.

In closing, there will be no comment on when the next edition of “On the Beaton Path” will be available. Like myself, don’t give up hope.

Thank you for your love and support; I can’t believe that it has been 7 years since my accident.  It’s been a great comfort to know that I am not forgotten as I haven’t forgotten you either nor the pleasure it gave me for all those years to travel throughout the country performing live for my fans and friends.



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Pat Mestern —

Alex, what blood type in Linda’s brother?

    Joan Horlacher —

    Pat, Guy is O-, but, even if someone isn’t a blood type match, they could potentially go through a paired exchange to find Guy a kidney or they could donate a kidney to someone else desperatley in need of a kidney. Guy is hoping to spread awareness of the need for living donation so please share this message with everyone. Thanks – Joan (Linda and Guy’s sister)

Barbara —

Of course you are not forgotten at the Highland Games or even at the Renaissance Festival. Anytime I hear the Scotsman I go I remember the first time I heard that was Alex Beaton performing it. I am also eternally grateful for the non-traditional bands who you helped promote over the years including brother. Tell Seamus he should sell your CDs at the Oklahoma Scottish Festival.

Sandra Zaninovich —

Neither you nor Linda are ever forgotten by me. I was fortunate to be invited to a party in Scotland this month where my friend rented the entire gorgeous castle in Ayrshire (called Glenapp) and we pretended we were the Downton Abbey cast. After that glorious weekend I went to Iona and Staffa, where I achieved my bucket list desire to see Fingal’s Cave. I spent a couple of days in the Appin and Glencoe area too (always my favorite). It was a dream. And the entire time you accompanied me. My enjoyment of Scotland has always been immeasurably enhanced with the soundtrack of your music, which I have loved for nearly as long as I have loved Scotland. Thank you so much, and always my gratitude to Linda for taking such great care of you with the kind of generous, unconditional, selfless love that most of us can only ever dream of. You are both incredibly fortunate. I’m always thinking of you both and you are always in my prayers.

Aspen Gay —

Dear Alex and Linda,
We continue to pray for you both and hold you dear in our hearts. Both of you have been pillars of strength and models of grace and patience through your trials. What a wonderful, blessed example you are for us! In addition, you are still concerned about the well-being of others. You are tireless champions of positivity, and have surely earned your heavenly crowns. We love you both and ask God to bless and keep you.
Aspen and Russell Gay

Scott MacDonald —

Aye Alex, I keep a picture in my office of You and I at the Estes Festival in 1992. Each time I see your smiling face, I pray for your speedy recovery. Stay strong, and I hope you get to taste the haggis soon.

Love and prayers,

Your Friend Scott

Phylls Grant —

The first time I heard your music I was at the Queen Mary in Long Beach walking across the parking area. I immediately walked to the gift shop and told the clerk I wanted the tape that is playing,(you were singing the scotsman). When we went to Estes and you were actually there, I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. If my family missed me, they knew i’d be at your tent. When you had to stop going so did we. I’m 78 and don’t like the huge crowds anymore. I think I have every record you ever recorded. Went to a pub in C. Springs. on st. Patricks day and won prizes with your mothers poems from daft ditties. you’ve given this old Scot-Irish lady so much enjoyment.I.hope life gives you as much joy as you can stand. .Love and prayers, Phyllis

Joan Lindsay Kerr

Alex, it’s November now, and I checked your website today as I am just downloading all of your CDs onto my new tablet so I can enjoy your music everywhere I travel. I became a huge fan when I first enjoyed your music at a Robbie Burns Dinner in Bakersfield, CA. I keep you in my prayers. Congratulations of the new grandbaby.

Patricia Gatacre —

I love you and I love Scotland. I spent some time in the Machars researching a magazine article I was writing. Over the years I’ve seen you perform a number of times (always at the Costa Mesa Highland Games) and on one occasion I brought my parents. Your music has always touched my heart deeply ❤️ Congratulations re: Maggie — truly a blessing. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a healthy, happy New Year. I will never forget you, my brawny Scotsman!

John Moriarty —

Hi Alex– Was saying a prayer for you and yours..just checking up on you. There is a JRG Family site on Facebook that Char Evans has put together…if you want to see some old friends from Bob Burns in Woodland Hills & Jim’s office. Julie and I get out your music…especially during the Holiday Season…Love Ya! John

Louise Taylor

Dear Alex,

It has been many years since I last saw you at the Portland games. You provided me hours of entertainment, not only in song but conversation. I am saddened to hear of your troubles Keep the faith. I survived three brain surgeries. You can beat this I will keep you both in my prayers.

Much love,vLouise

Stuart Cowan —

Dear Alex you will never be replaced I first heard you at the Costa Mesa games back when it was more casual and less corporate. Your melodic tones and corny jokes always made us laugh. Keep the faith you have touched so many people. I even heard the Pope put in a good word for you. All the best language ma yur lumb reak. Stuart C

Darlene Cerda —

Dear Mr Beaton,
I’ve been praying and thinking of you for years.. I helped taken care of you at St. Thomas Hospital ( formerly Baptist) in Nashville , Tn. You left our ICU and went to Georgia to a stroke specialty facility.
I’ve read your updates and keep praying for you, your dear wife and family.
I still enjoy the CD you have to me. I treasure it.
Darlene Cerda

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