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UPDATE July 1, 2017: Setbacks, Recovery, CDs & Games

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart I must forego the planned trip to Grandfather Mountain this year. More setbacks of my health condition and simply not strong enough to make the several day trip.

I wish all my fans and friends a very happy 4th of July and for those going to Grandfather Mountain, Bain sult as (Enjoy!!).



Dear Friends,

It was my intention to send out a newsletter in late April and I had it almost finished when I headed to Jefferson Barracks for what was supposed to be a routine colonoscopy; nothing appears to be routine when it comes to me, though.

For all you older folks, you know that in preparation for this procedure, you typically ingest 1 gallon of a laxative/GatorAid mixture, but for some unknown reason, the nursing staff decided I needed 2 gallons. It did me in and I was rushed to the ER where they plied me with magnesium and potassium as well as re-hydrated with IV fluids. I was admitted to a med/surg unit at John Cochrane, which is the other VA hospital here in St. Louis.

Unfortunately, they discontinued my IV fluids when I was admitted and after 5 days in the hospital not getting enough liquid, I developed a mucus plug that dropped my oxygen level down to 50 when 90 is the safe minimum. Linda received a call from the doctor at 1:30 am to let her know that they needed to perform a trachescopy so they could clear an airway. I was placed on a ventilator for 5 days and finally, after 3.5 weeks in the hospital, I came home with a trach placed and on oxygen. Linda and Ashley were able to get me off oxygen after a week and I’m working to get my trach pulled in two weeks. In the meantime, I don’t have much of a voice, but hope to change that with speech therapy that starts this week.

Needless to say, Linda and I have been through another setback caused by negligence at a hospital. Makes us very skittish to want to return to one anytime soon!

On a more pleasant note, I found a company here in St. Louis that will manufacture small orders of CD duplications. Therefore, the following selections are now available in hard copy:

  • The Scotsman
  • I Have Seen The Highlands
  • On The Beaton Path
  • Daft Ditties
  • Halfway Home
  • Songs of Praise/Pipes of Peace
  • Road To The Isles
  • In The Scottish Tradition
  • Christmas Classics
  • The Water Is Wide
  • Kidding Around
  • Over The Border
  • Beaton’s Personal Favorites “Double CD”
  • Live in Concert “Double CD”
  • From the Sea to the Shore
  • And, of course, the triple feature Alex Beaton’s Scotland DVD

Go to Beaton Store for all of my selections. I know many of you will be pleased with this news. Also, many are available as a single track or a complete album as downloads. You can see the selections at

I will be attending the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games ( in North Carolina which are held from July 6-9, 2017. My good friend, Alasdair Fraser, a master Scottish fiddler, along with Natalie Hass on cello, will be performing. It will be on Saturday, the 8th of July, that I will be on MacRae Meadows by the Alex Beaton Stage. It will be wonderful to be there and very emotional. I hope that I will see you there.

I will also be attending the St. Louis Scottish Games ( which are held the last Saturday in September, the 30th.

Hope you have a wonderful summer!




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Glen beattie —

Sorry to hear about the setbacks. Glad you are doing better. Now stop being an overachiever and just get better. Looking forward to seeing you again at the Grandfather Mr Games all the best . glen

Sheila Armstrong —

i am so sorry to hear about your difficulties. Thank God for Linda! It sounds like you are well on the road to recovery now, though. The Grandfather Mountain games sound great, and one day I hope to be able to go. You two enjoy your trip to the games. I know many friends will be there to see you. Count on us to be there with you in spirit. I love you both. Sheila

Marty Scott —

Alex, I listen to your wonderful music every single day, and have such fond memories of seeing you at Pleasanton and other events when I lived down south. Now I am retired and living up in Rohnert Park, north of San Francisco. Wow, thinking about it, its been a long time, I think I first heard you about 1990, anyway, long ago…Now, as you deal with your life, you inspire me, I certainly will never complain about my minor aches and pains as I think about what you go through! I had a hip replacement 3 months ago, 2 weeks in hospital and nursing facility, and I had wonderful care…I just cannot even imagine what you have to deal with, and with such a cheerful attitude…you are amazing! You are in my thoughts and prayers every day…and one of these days, if you ever get back to CA, I will get down to see you, I promise, it would be grand to see you of luck and love to you from a loving fan, Marty Scott

Susan Stanley —

Dear Alex, I have not written since you first sustained your injury but have faithfully kept up with your news, even though, like Marty Scott, I have not seen you perform since the 90′s when I first began attending the Texas Highland games. Your singing started me on a journey through Scottish culture that has brought me SO MUCH JOY. I will fulfill a dream of hiking through Scotland next year, and your CD’s are still my music of choice whenever I go on road trips. You have sung from Texas to Montana, throughout the Northern Rockies, out to Cape Flattery in Washington and up through Western Canada! Words cannot express how saddened and sorry I have been to hear of your trials. But no matter what comes of your voice therapy, in my book you already have a stronger voice because of the example you set by your grace and courage in adversity. And how wonderful that you have Linda! I, too, met the love of my life later in life. As you can identify, every precious minute was worth the wait….WISHING YOU BOTH THE BEST–
A dedicated fan, Susan Stanley

Sandra Zaninovich —

Like everyone else commenting here, I am heartbroken to hear of your setbacks. I have to tell you that when I had a colonoscopy a couple of years ago for the first (and, so far, only) time, I had intended to get it at UCLA, where they had also prescribed that gallon of that horrible stuff. However, because I wanted to get it done before the end of the year for insurance purposes, and because UCLA could not get me in on time, I went elsewhere, where they prescribed another prep, called Prepopik. There must be a God somewhere, because he was definitely looking out for me when this happened. This Prepopik is the easiest thing in the world, it’s like Tang of long ago, and I only had to drink a few 8-oz glasses, little more than I regularly drink. I slept through the night and had zero unpleasant effects. Please do yourself a favor, you don’t need to suffer more than you already have, next time you need a colonoscopy, please go the Prepopik route! Meanwhile, I am praying that your voice and your strength return, and that you will be able to make it to the event in September. If you do, everyone there will be so fortunate to be able to greet you. And again, last but far, far from least, an indescribably huge thank you to your precious angel, Linda, who we are all so thankful for.

Richard Milanesi —

Love ya Alex

Misty MacNeill —

Thinking of you on this special day! Get well. If I can ever get myself out to the East Coast again, I’ll come say hi. Best wishes to you and yours. Always and aye


I’m sorry to hear of your setbacks. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. We, my three kids and my bagpiper friends, would travel to Carrolton, KY to see you at the games for several years. One of my favorite times was when my little blonde 6 year old daughter requested “Wee Castanets.” Your reaction was priceless! “Is she serious?” My answer was “yes” we listen to your songs in the 4 hour car ride to the games and she knows every word!
Miss you, keep on the mend.

Christine Peppler —

Hello Alex,
I am laying here awake a sleepless night for sure and you popped into my head like you often do!! I was wondering how you were doing and even listened to a couple of your songs. I never have forgotten you, I hope things are going better. I’m sorry you have had some medical set backs, I don’t understand why those nurses at the VA won’t do their job right. I’m praying that you are continuing to stay strong. You are really an inspiration Alex. I’m so glad I got to meet you and help with your care. You taught me a lot ????
Take Care,
Christine Peppler

Eve B Mayes —

Any chance you will be coming to Stone Mountain Oct. 21-22??

James Stephen Hustis —

What is your current condition? Any chance you might make any appearances?

Janet Walker —

Alex…….it has been a long, long time since Denny and I were fortunate enough to have you be our main entertainment at St. Joseph Hospital here in Port Charlotte, Florida……do you remember those years way back? Like other comments above, you have “popped” up in my thoughts lately. So, I want to share my thoughts for a quick recovery. Denny passed away 3 years ago…sure do miss that Scott. Take care of yourself so we can continue to enjoy your talents. Best wishes….Janet

Sharon Myres —

We are so sorry to hear of all the troubles.
We never missed you, all the years you were at Costa Mesa, CA.
We moved to Oregon in 1994.
Been here ever since.
I have gone down hill in the last 3 years. As with you, I hold the hospital at fault.
I’m reaching the end of my line.
This is my last Easter.
Your music has cheered me up so much on the bad days, and made the good days even better.
We even had Scotland the Brave played at our little red Dachshund service.
He died just as I was admitted to the hospital.
My hubby had the vet keep C P R continue till he got there, to be with him at his end. We both had the same thin.
Heart Failure…
This was 3 weeks ago. 03-2018.
I will keep you and yours in my heart and mind, and prayers tossed in.
Hope you will continue to mend.
Thanks again for bringing such JOY to our lives.
Gods blessings.

Much Love.
Ken and Sharon Myres.
Central Point, Oregon 97502.

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