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Update – August 20, 2011

Dear Friends:

This is an update on my condition for the week ending August 20, 2011:

Wednesday, August 24th will be the end of my third week at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia,, one of the country’s finest spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers. I am at the start of a long journey that, hopefully, will result in the recovery of the use of my limbs. Progress will be slow, but I have the patience and the perseverance to fight this journey.

So far and in quick order, I was successfully removed from the ventilator, given the “green light” to eat solid foods and drink liquids (no Scotch though!), have experienced slight movement of three fingers and my thumb on my right hand and have also been able to move my right arm, though this too is slight. This is an injury with lots of related side issues that can delay progress, so updates will probably be every two or three weeks.

I continue to be amazed at the number of “get well” messages, via email, Facebook comments and greeting cards that I have received from throughout North America and overseas. I am sure you understand that I am unable to reply, but sincerely thank you for your love, prayers and support during this difficult time. I received numerous requests to visit me in hospital; however, with a full daily/weekly schedule Monday-Friday, I have only the weekends to rest. This is the time I want to spend with my wonderful wife, Linda and will need to limit visits to family members and a few close friends.

Thanks, again, for all of your support!



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