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Update on Alex from George Flew

Dear Fellow Beatonites,

I received a phone call from Linda on Saturday and am glad to report that Alex’s condition is looking much better.  On Friday they moved him from John Cochran VA hospital to Kindred-Mercy Hospital.  Kindred is a transitional care hospital that specializes in providing long term care.  They also specialize in Pulmonary and Complex Wound Care and are a hospital within a hospital.  Linda is delighted that Kindred is at least 15 minutes closer to home and only 5 minutes from her office.  This will cut her travel time down considerably.

Prior to moving him on Friday, they removed his ventilator in hopes of weaning him from its need.  Their expectation for this first trial was that he would be able to stay off of the vent for 15 minutes; he’s been successfully off of it since 10:30 am Friday and going strong!!

His trach was fitted with a Passy-Muir valve which allows Alex to speak around the trach.  Linda says his voice is strong but can quickly weaken.  His pneumonia has cleared up though they still have him on antibiotics for a secondary infection. As well, his lungs need to be cleared of all secretions which is what they are currently working on.  It will take a while for his lungs to get stronger and during this time (2-3 months), the doctor recommends that Alex keep the trach in.

Unfortunately, Alex developed a sore on his posterior while at the VA and will have to stay in bed until it clears up.  Fortunately, Wound Care is one of Kindred’s specialties so he should be in good hands.  This will limit the OT/PT he’ll be able to receive during this time

Linda expects him to stay at Kindred for two to three weeks.  Afterward, and depending on how much more physical and occupational therapy he needs in order to return to his pre-September baseline, he will either go directly to the VA at Jefferson Barracks or return home.

Alex is back to his entertaining and engaging personality and has charmed the pants off all the medical staff; his pulmonary doctor, nurse practitioner and spinal cord doctor have all asked if they can stop by Kindred to visit him.  He’s also had several orders for his CDs from staff at the VA.

For the time being, Alex is in room 7503.  He may move to a larger room, but if you send a card, I’m confident it will find its way to him.  If you would like to write him, the address is:

Alex Beaton Room 7503
Kindred Hospital St. Louis at Mercy
615 South New Ballas Road, 7th floor
St Louis, MO 63141

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Christie Franz —

Hi Alex!
Just wanted to drop by and let you know I have been praying for you and Linda and am so glad you are doing better!
My sister, Margy, her husband Chip and chip’s Mom, Mary Harrell have gone on several tours with you and just loved them. They have visited with you at the Highland’s Games in Stone Mountain and, of course, always enjoy listening to your music. I have heard a CD and am a fan as well. My best thoughts are with you and your family as I continue to follow your progress.
God bless you, Christie


Glad to hear you are doing better. I wish you well in your projects going forward (books, various aspects of the entertainment business). I have confidence you will succeed in all you that you may endeavor to do.

Terrill —

Just a quick note to let you know I’m thinking of you! Be well!

Choose joy.

Cheryl Lee —

May you continue on the road of recovering and be home soon.
Loving thoughts and prayers,
Cheryl and Jeannette – Oregon

John Moriarty —

Alex- We love hearing that things are going better now.
All your friends in “The Valley” and JRG send all their Love.
Take care Buddy! John & Julie

Misty MacNeill —

So happy to hear you’re doing well! Best wishes to you and yours.

Terrill —

It’s forecast sunny here today. A quick look at the St Louis weather reveals it’s nice and in the mid 50′s there. I hope you are able to enjoy some of this spring like weather while it lasts! Blessings Alex! Be well!

Tamarlee Alleva —

Alex, our prayers are for your complete recovery.
You have certainly given so much joy to us and to so many people and we pray that some of this
joy will now lift you up and sustain you during this
illness. Much love always,
Tam and Paul Alleva and our 3 sons

Frank & Christy Craig —

Alex and Linda, what an example of love and commitment you have been to us! Your endurance with patience, humor, and humility makes you true heroes. We have good memories of sitting on the hill above the stage at Grandfather Mtn. Highland Games, eating fish & chips, and listening to your fantastic voice & guitar! Love & hope, Frank & Christy

Mary & Chris Cormack —

Dear Alex, we have you and your family covered in our prayers and are glad of your constant improvements. We miss you at the Grandfather Mtn. Highland Games!! We listen to your CDs all the time and have one playing even now. Love and courage to all, Mary And Chris

Nancy MacClellan Sears —

Alex, kind thoughts and many prayers for your continued improvement are headed your way from many members of Clan MacLellan. We certainly miss seeing you at Scottish games, but we’re able to listen to your cds and view your tapes. In September our AGM will be at Pleasanton, CA – perhaps you will be well enough to attend! Blessings!

rebecca willett —

Dear Alex
.Think of you ALL the time
.your music & humour guided me through so many dark & tragic times in my life. Are you still @ Kindred…Happy belated Valentine’ s day to you & your loving devoted wife Linda..always find The hope in hope-lessness…as you so gifted me with..
Prayers & heathly happy thoughts sent to you….always

Aspen & Russell Gay —

Greetings Alex and Linda!

We are praying for both of you…we’ve been out of the loop for awhile due to several unexpected things in our lives, but we’re still here! We do think about you often, and sincerely hope with all of our hearts that you continue to mend. You are truly a hope and an inspiration! We love you!

Aspen & Russell

Sylvia —

Sending healing thoughts and prayers on continued health and improvements. Have enjoyed your performances at Highland Games in Colorado and California for many years.

Eunice and Ray Murai —

God is blessing you this day dear friends. You have msde our lives more livable by your existance! We love your voice and your spirit!

Kelly Crank —

Alex, You honor the Scots with your brave spirit and continued improvement as multitudes whom you have touched with your music support you with heartfelt prayers and wishes for your continued strength and recovery. I for one, look forward to any updates, on you’re gains with health and strength.
Best Regards, -Kelly

Patricia Gatacre

Alex: YOU are the flower of Scotland. So glad your health is improving and trust it will continue to do so as healing thoughts surround you. What a treasure you have in Linda and her sustaining love.
Love from a forever-friend

Jacqui DeFriece —

I just have to say teh games are not the same without you Mr Beaton. You truly are missed by my kids and myself. We miss singing Puddles and also dueling it out with “MARY MAC” many fond memories…..praying for continued improvement in your health

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