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Vocal Cord Surgery Update

Dear friends,

As you may know, I had my left vocal cord surgery at Vanderbilt in Nashville back in August. The surgery was a complete success. Unfortunately, since then my voice deteriorated and I went back to my surgeon for an evaluation. She discovered an abnormality on my right vocal cord which may require further surgery. But, for now, she is recommending a few months of speech therapy to see if we can get my voice and breathing strength back.

In the meantime, I want to thank all my friends and fans for the tremendous ongoing support and love. It is without question I am blessed.



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Keith Dunn

You are one of all-time heros. I often think of you. I often pray for you.

Neil O'Neill

Sending prayers and blessings, Alex! You are a great inspiration my friend! aw ra best!

Maureen Whitaker Clifton

Keep the faith, Alex…. and ‘keep on keeping on.’ I pray for you a great deal. I listen to your CDs when I am writing my book – nearly every day. It is soothing and gives me fond memories of these last 40-something years since I first met you. Think of the gentle fountain in the art I sent you, calmly flowing, taking ails away and giving you healing energy from God. You have what it takes… We are those who persevere! Loved seeing the recent photos.

All the best with love…. ~Maureen
(30+ year brain tumor survivor)

Mary —

Hi Alex,
Hope you get to feeling better each and every day. Just keep practicing your voice and your breathing. Then in no time you will be up and running and showing everybody that you did it.
Just keep the faith and keep your mind on getting better. We all miss you at the Highland Games in Arlington, Texas. With my love.


So good to hear from you Alex and know that you are doing well. I hope you don’t need further surgery but if you do I’m sure you’ll come through it in great shape. I pray that on your tour of Festivals in 2014 you will be at ScotFest in Costa Mesa. Please know that we keep you and Linda in our prayers. Dduw a’ch bendithio * God bless you.

Julie Moffat

We enjoyed you all these years at the Pleasanton highland games. And at the Burns Supper. Thanks for such happy memories. Love your music and how your personality comes through it.

Love always,

Beth Harris —

Hey Alex, For all the years of joy you and your music gave to my mother and me, I thank you! My prayers are always with you! Keep up the good work on your healing; I know God will continue bless you!

Mary-Clare Caruthers —


You are the greatest and a true inspiration for so many. You have added so much to me and my family. We love your music and miss seeing you in person. Our trip with you to Scotland was wonderful and appreciate our time with you. It was very special. Mary-Clare and Charles.

Joan Currie Virta

Your positive attitude and incredible courage are an inspiration to all of us. I think of you often and send ‘wellness’ prayers. Joan

Barry McCown —


Still have you on my playlists (all of them). Too many wonderful arrangements to pick just one favorite. Great memories of the Robbie Burn’s Nights here in Bakersfield, CA with cousin Harvey and our Scottish Society!

Doctor’s can do amazing things, especially when guided by the Great Physician. I survived my second open-heart aortic aneurysm repair/replacement surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center just before Easter, and I’m more alert and physically stronger every day. I pray you find the peace and strength (and a big smile, as always) to help you through your speech therapy and, if needed, the next surgery. My first one saved my life, but my second really gave my life back to me. My prayer is that yours will do the same for you.

And thank you again for the great music and good cheer for so many years.

Barry McCown

Brenda Rhea —

Dear Alex,

Thank you for making your song “These are my Mountains” available to me at short notice to play at my mom’s funeral in September. She and I both loved seeing you at the Scottish Festivals in Virginia and North Carolina, and she would have been happy to know that you were singing for her as she went to her final rest.

I have most of your music on cassette tapes, and am slowly building up my collection of CD’s.

God bless you as you recover from your throat surgery. I pray that you will not need another operation.

Best wishes always,
Brenda (RN, BSN, MHA)

    Velma Southerland —

    Hi, Brenda,
    You’re not the only one to have that thought. However, it is Alex’s “Songs of Praise – Pipes of Peace” album that I’ve taken to my funeral home to be placed in my prearrangement folder. I’m not ill, just getting my house in order to make things easier for my son who lives very far away. I’m imagining a receiving of friends (and playing of tunes) at the gravesite, high on a hill, gazing eastward at the mountains.

Joan Uhler —

Dear Alex, I was told recently that you were ill. I will pray for your recovery. My mother was a great fan of yours. When she died, you kindly helped my niece obtain a cd of your religious song. I would like to thank you again for that kindness of so many years ago. wishing you well, Joan

Don segien

When we all (family) get together you are one of our main conversation ttopics and we wish you well.wish you were closer or we were closer to you so we could come visit. Hurry up and get better

Susanne Hammel-Sawyer —

As Thanksgiving approaches, and I listen to your music while cooking for family, I give thanks for all the kindness you’ve contributed to the world. Your songs and the history of Scotland that comes through them have been an important part of our family life. My father respected you and was grateful for the chance to sing with you; my mother and sister and I continue to pray for your recovery. Blessings!



Sam Van Culin —

Dear Alex, served with you at Ft. Maclellan Al. in1967 or so, hope you voice comes back soon.Will pray for your recovery!Sam Van Culin.

kathy cleary —

Alex you are in our thoughts and prayers we know you are a fighter and will make it through this trial you have a the love and support of a wonderful lady by your side to help. Love Bud and Kathy Cleary

Lynn Stewart —

Alex, you are an inspiration to many and your strong spirit has guided you through a lot tribulations. God bless your Scottish heart.
I have met you several times at various highland games and listened to you sing. God bless.

shannon —

Alex, I found your music not too long ago.
you are a true inspiration. my love and prayers are with you
May God Bless You

Christine Richard —

Dear Alex, my boyfriend and I have been great fans of you for years and were lucky enough to see you perform at several Scottish Festivals we attended. You are a true inspiration to us and we hope to see you perform again some day. Sending you our love and prayers.

Judith Potter —

We’ve enjoyed your singing many times at the Mcpherson, KS Scottish Festival, and we send our best wishes for continued recovery. Be encouraged. God bless you!
Smiles from Kansas :)

Vince and Maria —

Alex old buddy.
We think of you with great love and hope and happy memories.
Our prayers to the man upstairs always include you and Linda.
God bless you.
Vince and Maria. Newcastle upon Tyne

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